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Friday, March 6, 2015

Thoughtful By S.C. Stephens (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, the book I have to share with you is an emotional ride.

Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens

Kellan Kyle seems like just another rocker bad boy on the outside. Sure he is popular with the females and has frequent one night hookups. Inside he is an emotional wreck from years of emotional and physical abuse.

The one solid rock in his past, Denny.

Denny knows first hand what skeletons haunt Kellan. He was a foreign exchange student from Australia that stayed with Kellan and his parents for a year.

The two were as close as brothers.

One day Kellan gets a call from Denny informing him that he is coming back to Seattle. Kellan offers him his spare room. Before he accepts the offer he tells him his girlfriend Kiera will be with him.

Kellan is so excited to see Denny after so long ago and to meet the girl that makes his 'like' brother happy.

The night of their arrival he is onstage when he spots an attactive girl he cannot take his eyes off of.
Until, he spots Denny and puts two and two together.

He sees how the two love birds are with one another and realizes he would love to have that connection.

However, when Denny accepts a job offer everything starts to unravel for the couple and changes everything.

I liked this book. I enjoyed all the characters, except for Kiera. I felt that Kiera was playing both Denny and Kellan's hearts like a harp and was acting like a Yo-Yo. I do not want to go into too much detail as to why I feel this way. When I write reviews I try to avoid any and all spoilers. I will say this, I would read more from this author in the future.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


  1. I have seen this book around for a while but I never got around to reading it since I have a love/hate relationship with New Adult. You made this sound interesting though, so I may have to add it to the TBR!

    1. Hi and welcome!

      I hope you enjoy it Nicole! Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to checkout any other reviews and to follow the blog.