Wicked Reads

Wicked Reads

Monday, May 30, 2016

Anna and the French Kiss By Stephanie Perkins

Hey everyone, I am now going to share with you the last book of the evening.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna is forced to spend her senior year of high school at a boarding school in Paris, France.

While most would be excited to be in her shoes, Anna is not happy about her situation. She does not want to leave her best friend, her little brother, and the boy she has a crush on.

After her parents say goodbye she retreats to her room and starts to cry.

Meredith, A fellow senior hears her cry and is quick to befriend her and welcome her into her circle of friends.

Among her inner circle is √Čtienne St. Clair. He is smart, funny, and charming. 
Everyone knows that he is taken.


Sometimes the mind and the heart contradict one another. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was the fun type of read I needed at the moment. The world building was done well, I loved √Čtienne's character and the friendships among the group. I flew through this book! It was a WICKED GOOD TIME!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Chasing Spring By R.S. Grey (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back with the second book of the evening. 

Chasing Spring by R.S. Grey

Lilah Calloway thought she had left Blackwater, Texas for good.


Her aunt was relocated for work and her father forced Lilah to return to her small hometown.

On the way home, she learned that her world was about to get even smaller than she realized.

Chase Matthews, her ex best friend who was also Mr. Popular, would be sleeping in the room across the hall.

Will she survive until graduation? 

You can run


Your past is always apart of you.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I really enjoyed Lilah and Chase's characters. The story was well written and fast paced.While I did LOVE this book, I feel that it is only fair to warn you, due to the dark subject matter in this book there were a few scenes that were difficult to read. However, I found they were necessary to understand the mindset of a certain character.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

The Vincent Boys By Abbi Glines (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring! We are almost at the end of another month. I cannot believe how quickly the year is speeding by. I have a three books to share with you today!

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Ashton, Sawyer, and Beau have been a close trio since childhood. When they were children, Ashton was just one of the guys. She and Beau would run around acting wild and free. Sawyer was the Golden Boy, who cleaned up their messes when things became out of hand.

As Ashton grew up, Sawyer stepped up and claimed Ashton as his. Since then, she has caged her wild ways and has tried to be worthy of Sawyer.


When the "perfect"couple came to be, Ashton and Beau drifted apart.

However, when Sawyer leaves town to go on a trip with his family, a window of opportunity arises for the two to reconnect and rebuild the friendship they once had.

When the cat is away the mice will play.

Hearts will be broken, Secrets will be uncovered, and loyalty's will be tested. No one is safe from heartache.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It is the first Abbi Glines book that I have ever read and I was not disappointed!It was fast paced, I loved the main characters, and the story had the right amount of humor. I will be reading more from this author in the future.


Best Wishes Always, 

Wicked Woman

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour By Morgan Matson

Hey everyone, I have a summer road trip read to share with you!

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

After the death of Amy Curry's father, Amy's  mother decided to move from their California home to Connecticut.

Now, that Amy has finished out her school year her mother has planned a way to get both Amy and the car to Connecticut. Travel Buddy included.

However, the two decide to take a detour and the fun begins!

I enjoyed this summer adventure read. I loved how the author included play lists and scrap-booking in the book. I felt like I was traveling along with the main characters. My only complaint is I would have liked an epilogue.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Dreamology By Lucy Keating

Hey everyone, I am back with a uniquely imaginative read to share with you.

Dreamology by Lucy Keating

Alice has dreamed of a boy named Max since childhood and has gone on many adventures.

When she walks in to class at her new school, imagine her surprise when she see's the boy of her dreams, literally, in the flesh.

She quickly discovers that even though Dream Max and Real Max look the same they act different.

She is determined to get to know the Real Max and find out why her dreams are interfering with her reality.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! The story is uniquely imaginative, the writing is beautiful, and I loved all of the characters! My only complaint is that I wanted more to the ending.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

The Ending I Want By Samantha Towle (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I have a book that is a flurry of emotions to share with you today.

The Ending I Want by Samantha Towle

Taylor Shaw had a brain tumor at sixteen and made a list of things she wanted to do if she lived. 

Fortunately she recovered.

Unfortunately, she lost her whole family in a tragic accident.

Since that day, she has let grief consume her and has not truly been experiencing life. 

Now at the age of twenty-two,  the tumor has returned and she has decided not to seek treatment and to join her family when the time comes.


Until then, she is on a mission to complete a revised and more adult list, of the one she made as a teenager.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! Despite the serious nature of this read, there was a balance of humor and sadness through out the story. However, I was annoyed that Taylor kept repeating that she was going to die through out the entire book. I feel that it is only necessary to convey this to the reader during three moments in the book, at most.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Summer Games: Settling the Score By R.S. Grey (Adults Only)

Hey everyone! The last book I will be sharing with you is a sports romance. This book takes place five years after Scoring Wilder but can be read as a standalone. This is the first book in The Summer Games series.

The Summer Games: Settling the Score by R.S. Grey

Andie Foster is an Olympic Rookie, who has made soccer her priority and has little time to let loose. While is determined to win the gold, Now that she is in Rio she does not see the harm in going to a party.

Too bad her married best friends Kinsley and Becca are determined to rain on her parade.

Well her best friends better bring an umbrella because Andie is going to party.

Shortly, after arriving at the party she manages to escape their clutches. After being tossed around and is fumbled to the ground, she awkwardly meets, Frederick Archibald.

Freddie is a British Olympic Veteran swimmer. He is a hot dish! What does she want from friendly Freddie? His knickers, of course!

The story takes off from there!

I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK! I loved everything about this book! from the characters to the ending! R.S. Grey is a MUST read author! This book will be going on my Favorites of 2016 list!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Claimed By Stacey Kennedy (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, this next book is another BDSM read with its own set of rules.

Claimed by Stacey Kennedy

Presley Flynn has shown an interest in the BDSM lifestyle. After speaking with her roommate. Her roommate decides to let her in on the exclusive side of her world, Club Sin.

Presley nervously agrees to meet with the owner, Dmitri Pratt. After speaking with her and giving her a few tests he decides that despite her being new to the lifestyle that she would make a fine submissive.

He is the Dom, but when it comes to the heart who is in control?

I enjoyed the story behind the BDSM lifestyle. The emotions and struggles were felt and while I feel one scene was over the top, it was needed for plot and character development.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Tone Deaf By Olivia Rivers

This next read is as heartbreaking as it is touching.

Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers

Ali Collins is a talented musical prodigy.

Her world is silently shattered when her hearing is taken from her along with her mother.

As if her losses were not bad enough, she is sent to live with her father who is a retired police officer.

You would think having a highly respected father in law enforcement would be the safest hands to fall into, but when the person who is sworn to protect can manipulate the law and minds of the public it can be Hell.

One evening while Ali and her best friend are at a rock concert Ali wins a backstage tour. Once she makes her way backstage Ali is not met with a warm greeting. In fact, The lead singer does the exact opposite.

Jace Beckett is known for his bad boy ways, but the way he treated Ali was over the top.

After everything went down he contacted Ali to try to set things right. Reluctantly, she agreed and after spending a few hours together Jace discovered they shared dark experiences. Despite getting off on the wrong foot he was determined to help her towards a bright future.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK! Jace is the type of character you start out hating but grow to love. While this story is heartbreaking the main characters are a lot of fun. This read was a very quick read for me that I thoroughly enjoyed!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

*Graphic Novel: Giant Days Vol 1 By John Allison

Hey everyone, while I was reading, I thought I would change things up a bit and decided to pick up a graphic novel.

Giant Days Vol 1 by John Allison

Three totally different girls are thrown together as roommates while attending university. Susan, Esther, and Daisy quickly become fast friends as they navigate each other through this new chapter in their lives. 

I loved the artwork, the story-line and the friendship bond between the trio. I was laughing out loud throughout the whole read! It was a crazy fun time from beginning to end! I cannot wait to read the next installment.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


The Dom Games By Rachel Robinson (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I know I have been MIA for awhile, but I have several reads to share with you! The first one being a steamy yet entertaining read!

The Dom Games by Rachel Robinson

Kayla is shocked to learn she was accepted to be one of the submissive's appearing on, The Dom Games.

The Dom Games is a reality television show where 10 submissive's compete for domination and prize money.

However, this season there is a twist, this time the owner of The Dom Games, Dominic Reed, is looking for his forever submissive.

Kayla submitted the contestant application along with an introduction video with her eye on one thing, the money. Desperate times call for desperate measures. She was accepted to Harvard, but with higher education comes a high price tag.

Too bad Kayla has no experience in the lifestyle of BDSM.

So how and why was she chosen?

She is bound and determined to not look a gift horse in the mouth and see it through.

All the research in the world could not prepare her for the world she had signed herself up for.

Dominic certainly has his hands full!

I LOVED this book! In regards to this type of subject matter, it is very hard to find a book of this type with its own unique spin. However, this book has it's own twist and you get more of an actual story, instead of scene after scene with no real character development that you might find in other books of this type.

(said to be released May 23, 2016)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lost in Me By Lexi Ryan (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, the beginning of May has been crazy busy for me! I hope you all are doing well! I have a fun, mystery, romance with a twist to share with you!

Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan

Hanna has had a crush on Max since childhood. So, when she wakes up in a hospital with his engagement ring on her finger, it should be a dream come true of sorts, right?

It would be, if she could remember anything.

All she knows is what she is told, that she was in an accident.


Was it an accident?

Bits and pieces slowly start to return.

Is it enough to piece the old Hanna back together?


Will a new Hanna emerge from the fall?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I was hooked from the start, the story was fast paced and it ended on a twist for book two, Fall to You.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman