Wicked Reads

Wicked Reads

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ever Always By Diana Gardin

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday. The book I have to share with you is a leisurely brotherly love read.

Ever Always by Diana Gardin

Ever Allen had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her drunken father but one night had her fearing for her life.

Two guys who were very different but yet brothers always came to her rescue.

Ever had managed to get to her room, lock the door and call her boyfriend Sam Waters who reminded her about the hidden gun. In the next instant, her father entered the room threatening her for the last time before she pulled the trigger.

Sam refused to let her take the fall for her father. So he wiped her fingerprints and replaced them with his own, giving him urgency to leave town.

Sam promised her when the time is right they would start over far away from Duck Creek and begin a new life together.

Until then, he asked his brother Hunter to continue to take care of her.

 That one event changed everything, it had always been the three of them.

Time apart can make or break a person.

Will a silver lining be found for all involved or will someone get a raw deal in more ways than one?

I LOVED this book! I was rooting for both brothers! Even though, it is impossible for both brothers to have their girl!

(said to  be released January 13, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Friday, December 26, 2014

Snow Falling On Bluegrass By Molly Harper

Hey everyone, I hope everyone who celebrated the holiday had a fun and memorable time! I know it has been a little while since I have shared with you, lets get to it!

 Snow Falling on Bluegrass by Molly Harper

Kelsey is an Kentucky Tourism Commission employee and executive assistant who is known for having everything under control in the office. However, her personal life is the exact opposite. 

Kelsey is on her way to a work related retreat with her friend and boss Sadie along with her coworkers, including her man crush the attractive Charlie. Unfortunately, they do not leave fast enough.

Her good for nothing cheating moocher ex, Darrell informs her that he has past unpaid invoices due and that they are in her name.

After hearing this alarming news she decides to turn off her phone for some peace.

The weather is anything but cooperative for the retreat. When the group arrives at the lodge only to learn that all the guests were informed not to come due to the weather.

Kelsey quickly realizes she did not receive the information because her phone was powered off.

Ranger Luke,  the only lodge staff remaining has no choice but to take on the group of guests.

When they lose electricity the group must work together to make the best of bring snowed in and try to get some work done.

They may not have electricity for cooking and heating but sparks will ignite, tension will build, tempers will boil and drama will play its part when people are forced to be together for longer than intended.

I enjoyed this book's humorous and touching awe moments!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Trouble With Christmas By Kaira Rouda

Hey everyone, I hope you all have finished your holiday shopping and are able to enjoy a good read! If you have not there is still time. Afterwards, when you are done you can treat yourself to some down time with an enjoyable read! 
The book I have to share with you today has the feel of a good television Christmas show.

The Trouble with Christmas by Kaira Rouda

Lily is a thirty year old pastry chef who has had her heart broken. She dated Bob for five years and had gotten engaged. She thought she had met the "one." Of course, they had plans for the future, as any engaged couple would. Until, to her surprise he had broken it off.

Lily  and Bob had been invited to go to Indigo Island to spend the holiday with her best friend Avery Putnam, and Avery's family.

After, Avery had learned what had happened she insisted that Lily still go to Indigo Island as planned to clear her head, a fresh start for the new year.

While on the island  she stumbles upon a heart stopping attractive man, named Cole Stanton.

Cole Stanton aged thirty five was an investment banker but after a deal went bad he came face to face with the reality of how his career path was hurting people. So, being riddled with guilt he decided to move to Indigo Island for a fresh start and became the co owner of a local restaurant.

Yet, Cole's good intentions went sour and Lily is happy to get back in her element and help out.

The two both came to the island for a new beginning. However, the trouble with Christmas is wondering if Christmas magic is at hand or is it possible for something sweet to come out of sour circumstances with the right ingredients.

I LOVED this book! This is the perfect read if you like the feel of holiday television programs. I was looking for an enjoyable read that had that same Christmassey feel and found it with this book!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fragile Reign By Stacey O'Neale

Hey everyone, I apologize that my blog entries have not been consistent this month. This month has been crazy busy with the holidays and appointments. Sometimes, there are not enough hours in the day. Yesterday I had an eye appointment and it did not help matters when they dilated my eyes. *HE-HE*

The book I will be sharing with you is a continuation. Fragile Reign is book two in the Mortal Enchantment series. (Thursday July 10, 2014 I posted my review of The Shadow Prince A Mortal Enchantment Novella and on Monday July 28, 2014 I posted my review of book one Mortal Enchantment.) If you have not read the novella or book one I highly recommend reading those before diving into Fragile Reign. Those that have read the reads I have mentioned above lets get to it!

Fragile Reign by Stacey O'Neale

As you may recall King Taron of the air court was recused but not before the effects of being held prisoner in the mortal world took its unfortunate toll.

The combination of aging and iron poisoning left many unsure if King Taron would be able to fully recover and remain as their king. All the uncertainty applied pressure for Kalin to become queen. Of course, it is not that simple. A halfling has never ruled over any court.

The council insists that she marry Sebastian, a full air elemental who has been her betrothed since birth. 

Taron may have agreed to the arrangement but Rowan has Kalin's heart. 

With Liana removed from the throne of the fire court it has caused chaos, acts of revenge, and destruction.

Rowan knows he must take his rightful place on the throne to not only set things right but to unite his court and rectify the wrong doings within his court.

He must prove himself to be the true King and take down Valac and Valac's misguided loyal followers.

Will doing what is best for Avalon mean putting duty before love?

I continue to LOVE this series! I always feel like I am right their with Rowan and Kalin every step of their journey. Ms. O'Neale pulls me into the world she has created with each book! When each book ends I find myself saying NOOO NOT YET!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Delights By Heather Hiestand

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have not shared anything new in the past few days. I had a personal family matter that held my attention for a little while. Without further delay lets jump right in!

Christmas Delights by

Allen-Hill became a widow at twenty-one when her husband died of an illness. Her marriage was so brief that her virtue remained intact. 

Now, after the expected period of mourning she was on her way to Pevensey to attend a house party with her nine year old cousin Penelope in tow. Like any young child she loved stories. So, along their way she made up a story that caught more than Penelope's interest.

During their travels they came upon an inventor who was having trouble with one of his inventions, a horseless carriage. Victoria soon found out they were headed to the same place and gave him a ride.

Lewis Noble was an attractive man who did not go unnoticed by women. However, after proposing  to a woman years ago and being rejected
he had a chip on shoulder. Since then he submerged himself in his inventions, never taking notice in women that is until he met Victoria.

While at the party Victoria's father was so relentless about her remarrying that he gave her an ultimatum she could not ignore. However, the only man she wanted had no desire to be married anytime soon.

I liked the book for the most part. I LOVED the setting and the main story. BUT I did not really enjoy the fairytale that was intertwined and being told throughout. In my opinion it weighed the story down.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ring In The Holidays By Katie Lane

Hey everyone, I cannot believe it is already December! Time seems to fly by quicker each year. (at least for me.) I hope everyone had a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving! I have an amazing book to share with you today!

Ring in the Holidays by Katie Lane

Ellie Simpson was a sex therapist who lived her life by her book. Until, she learned the truth about her ex fiancee Riley.

It was in that moment she decided for once in her life she would drink up, live it up and hit the dance floor.

After the New year countdown a mind blowing sexy hot man looked right at her like he wanted to say something. However, when the music started back up she was bumped from behind and stumbled.

The mysterious sexy stranger caught her and whispered something in her ear, with her senses overwhelmed she had no idea what she was nodding her head yes to.

Matthew  McPherson was an attorney and the youngest son of Big Al McPherson who owned a construction company. Matthew was used to women fawning over him. Yet, he took notice of more than their appearance.

 During a conversation with his friend, Matthew insisted that studying a woman and knowing how to use the information is the key. His friend however believed  Matthews appearance was the reason he did not strike out with women.

Which, is what led him to reluctantly accept a bet.

His friend bet him a hundred dollars that if Matthew straight out asked if he could touch the breast of the woman they took notice of at the club  she would let him.

What Matthew had not expected was for the woman who was not his "type" to bring him to life.

Ellie had expected what happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas, not seep out to the real world. After all, they did not even tell each other their names.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!  Not only did  this book SNAP, CRACKLE and POP. it was very well written HILARIOUS FUN!!


Best Wishes Always.

Wicked Woman