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Wicked Reads

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Down London Road By Samantha Young

Hey everyone, today I will be talking about the sequel to On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. You do not need to read the first to enjoy the sequel as they are each about different couples. However, I myself find the series more enjoyable reading it in order.

Down London Road by Samantha Young

Johanna Walker is a survivor of her past. She dropped out of school to care for her alcoholic mother and her little brother, Cole.

She is determined to make sure history does not repeat itself. 

Between working two jobs she has little time for relationships.


When she does date she makes sure they are well off. 

How she sees it is, If they want to buy her nice things who is she to say no. After all, she can always sell the things on EBay and make a little extra money for Cole's future. 

However, the person that sends tingles down her spine is not her well off older boyfriend Malcolm. Nor is the man that sends tingles down her spine the Sugar Daddy type.

Cameron MacCabe is an unemployed hottie with a girlfriend.

Opposites may attract, but the stakes are high.

Are either one of them willing to put the brakes on their current relationships?


Johanna willing to trade feelings of fondness and financial security for passion and possibilities?

I admit after reading the first book On Dublin Street the little that I knew of Jo, I did not like. So, when I found out that this book was her story, I was not sure if I would like this book. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised. While I still do not agree with her choices. I understand them and I felt more compassion towards her character. She is still not my favorite character but, I could befriend her. Overall, I REALLY ENJOY this series and I will continue reading it!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

On Dublin Street By Samantha Young

Hey everyone, I hope everyone who celebrated had a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday! Today, I have a fun romance read to share with you!

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Jocelyn Butler, like  everyone has a past. However, her past is causing her to have panic attacks and her way of dealing with it is to bury it deep within herself and ignore it.


When she moves into a new apartment with a roommate, her life begins to change and her inner walls begin to crumble.

She has avoided relationships like the plague, but her roommates brother, Braden Carmichael, has her in his sights.

Braden Carmichael is a sexy, Scottish, business man who always gets what he wants. So, he does what he does best and proposes an arrangement that will be beneficial to them both.

Jocelyn agrees to a three month arrangement.

What will become of them when the arrangement is done?

I REALLY ENJOYED this book! This is the first book I have read by Samantha Young . I loved the world, the plot and the characters. This was a steady read for me and I found myself laughing out loud quite often.  I enjoyed this first book in the On Dublin Street series so much, that I am currently reading the second book, Down London Road.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Maybe Not By Colleen Hoover

Hey everyone,  I hope everyone who celebrates the holidays has a safe and joyous time! Today, I have a novella to share with you! If you have read 'Maybe Someday' by Colleen Hoover, you will recognize the characters in this short read. If you have not read 'Maybe Someday', do not worry, this story can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover

Warren and Bridgette are side characters in 'Maybe Someday'. 'Maybe Not' is a short read about how the couple came to be and an insight into what makes Bridgette tick.

I REALLY ENJOYED this novella! Warren's character is a lot of fun! I will admit when I was reading 'Maybe Someday', I did not like Bridgette's character at ALL. I thought she was a complete B*! Now that I have read 'Maybe Not' I can understand why. I  still find her attitude to be inexcusable BUT, I have a bit more compassion towards her character. In my opinion, just because a person is dealt a crappy hand in life that does not give them a free pass to treat others badly.


Happy Holidays,

Wicked Woman

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Maybe Someday By Colleen Hoover

Hey everyone, I have a soul touching read to share with you today!

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Sydney is twenty- two and has it altogether. Until, she catches her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend who is also her roommate.

She never thought when she woke up on her 22nd birthday that she would be heartbroken and sitting in the rain.

She is left with very few options until her hot, musically talented neighbor, Ridge and his roommates offer her a place to stay, until she gets back on her feet.

However, when she moves in does she take up more than the spare bedroom?


Will she wear-out her welcome before she finds a place of her own?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! As ALWAYS Colleen delivers a soul touching read that has a way of sticking with you long after you finish reading! I LOVED ALMOST EVERYTHING about this book from the writing to the characters! I love that she brings diversity in her books. While they have swoon worthy personality's her characters are realistic. I appreciate that as a reader. Even the characters who are not very likable characters hold their own. The only thing I did not like is that Sydney cried all the time. I know there were moments when crying was needed, but sometimes she would cry and I found myself saying, jeez not again. 


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares By Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Hey everyone, I have a cute winter read to share with you!

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan 

Lily is sixteen, is the captain of her soccer team and loves Christmas. She has lived a very protected life. Even though, she lives in the Big Apple. Her relatives have surrounded a sort of protective bubble around her consisting of relatives.  Leaving her a virtually non existing dating life.

So, in an effort to meet a boy she leaves a red notebook on a bookshelf in a bookstore. Inside the book is a book of riddles and dares that she has written, waiting for the right guy to come along.

Dash who is her age, loves words and is the Scrooge of Christmas finds the notebook and their corresponding relationship takes off from there but, is the girl full of Christmas cheer and the Bah Humbug meant to be?

I enjoyed this book. I liked that this book showed both the Christmas spirit and the Christmas Scrooge types. I laughed out loud through out this book. Despite the few annoyances I had with a few of the characters. Overall, this was a cute, enjoyable and festive read.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Book of Ivy By Amy Engel

Hey everyone, I have a fantastic dystopian duology to share with you! The first book is The Book of Ivy and the second is The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel. The second book picks right up where the first one leaves off. So, you will need to read these books in order. To avoid spoilers I will only be discussing The Book of Ivy, but I will be sharing my thoughts on this duology as a whole.

The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel

After a  nuclear war, the United States was forever changed. The Westfall's and the Lattimer's did not see eye to eye on how the new nation should be governed, which lead to more conflict. The Westfall's lost. 

Fifty years later, order is maintained by arranged, mid-teen marriages. The daughters of the losing side are married to the sons of the winning side, where they are expected to have children to add to the population.

It is Ivy Westfall's turn to be married to the president’s son, Bishop Lattimer. 

Ivy and her family have an arrangement of their own, for Ivy to kill Bishop. Leaving her father to govern the nation his way.

However, things may not be so black and white after all.

And does Ivy's family really want what is best for the people?


Is there a more personal reason why they have made it their mission to dismantle the Lattimer family?

This is the BEST dystopian that I have read in a LONG time! This book was a very fast read for me! The story was unique. I felt pulled into the world with the characters. I LOVED both of the main characters! There was never a dull moment in either book! I highly recommend these books!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Monday, December 7, 2015

Carry On By Rainbow Rowell

Hey everyone, If you have read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, you will probably be familiar with the characters in this standalone read. If you have not read Fangirl, do not worry, this book stands on its own.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Simon Snow is said to be the Chosen One. Yet, he can not get his magic to work as it should, much less control it.

Simon loves attending Watford School of Magicks, but almost as soon as he gets there things go wrong. His guardian and leader of the school, The Mage, is not there when he arrives. A magic eating monster, the Humdrum, is out and about and it looks like Simon. Simon's roommate and nemesis, Baz, is missing and no one seems worried or concerned and on top of everything, Simon's girlfriend Agatha, broke up with him.

Can Simon set things right? 

Is war inevitable?

I enjoyed this book! To me, it has a Harry Potter feel to it. I personally am not apart of the Harry Potter craze. However, with all the twists and the imaginative storyline, it held my interest.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Friday, December 4, 2015

Scoring Wilder By R.S. Grey

Hey everyone, I can not believe this year is coming to an end. Today, I have a fun, sweet, romance to share with you.

Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Kinsley Bryant is a talented soccer player who is working hard to achieve her dreams of making the Olympic team.

The last thing she needs is a distraction of the male variety. 

Liam Wilder is a professional soccer player, a reformed bad boy and he happens to be temporarily helping Kinsley's college team along side her head coach. She has been warned that getting involved with Liam is forbidden.


After being cheated on twice, by former boyfriends, Kinsley has decided to remain focused on soccer.

However, no matter how much Liam and Kinsley try to fight their chemistry, the two keep moving in the same circles on and off the field.

Will she risk her heart, career and dreams for love?

Can she trust this bad boy with her heart?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! The writing was amazing! The story held my interest from beginning to end.
I LOVED the characters and their humor. I was also extremely satisfied with the ending. This book certainly scored FIVE STARS with me!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cinder By Marissa Meyer

Hey everyone, I hope those who celebrated Thanksgiving had a thankful and memorable holiday! Today, I have a futuristic sci-fi fairy-tale retelling to share with you today.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Imagine a world, where androids and humans coexist but, not equally

Cinder is a talented mechanic who happens to be a cyborg. She resides in New Beijing, where she lives with her horrid stepmother and two stepsisters, where she is forced to do their bidding.

When the one kind stepsister, Peony, becomes ill with a deadly plague that riddles the world. Her wretched stepmother turns Cinder over to the government to assist in their research to find a cure. 

Meanwhile, there is another threat to Earth. This threat comes from the Lunar Queen, threatening war on New Beijing if her demands are not met. The Emperor has vowed to do everything he can to keep things politically peaceful and to rid the plague that has taken so many lives.

Is Cinder the key to saving the world?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I switched back and forth between listening to the audio book and reading the actual book. When it comes to listening to audio books I am very picky about the narration. However, I found both forms of this story engaging. The writing is uniquely beautiful! I will be continuing with the series!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The One By Kiera Cass

Hey everyone, today I have the third installment of The Selection series to share with you. These books do not reiterate. So, you will need to read this series in order. (I reviewed The Selection on October 12, 2015 and the second installment, The Elite, on November 01, 2015) 

The One by Kiera Cass

The clock has almost wind down for Maxon to choose his wife and the next queen.


Will the Rebels wait that long?

The country is growing more impatient with the way things are. Tensions are higher than ever and every time America Singer is in the spotlight, she makes bold statements and takes revolutionary actions.

Is America the problem or the solution?

The King has his way of rule, but does his son share those views?

Politics aside, America has to decide once and for all where her heart truly lies.

In the beginning we learned that America and Aspen were childhood sweethearts, with plans to be married.


Then, The Selection happens.

Has Maxon changed her heart?

In the end, Maxon will be the one to decide their fate.

I LOVED this book! I was sad and shocked a few times. The book was fast paced and wrapped up nicely. This book is my favorite of the three. Not because the final woman was chosen, but because of the action, adventure and the insight into the girls' demeanor.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Queen B* and the Homecoming King By Crista McHugh

Hey everyone, I am back again this evening with another book to tell you about. This book is book three of a series, The Queen B* and the Homecoming King by Crista McHugh  This book kicks off where the other book leaves off. So, if you have yet to read Confessions of a Queen B* (reviewed on May 31, 2015) and The Queen B* Strikes Back (reviewed on October 2, 2015) Please do not read any further until doing so to avoid spoilers. 

The Queen B* and the Homecoming King by Crista McHugh

Alexis and Brett are back! 

Alexis is ready to make it official that they are boyfriend/girlfriend.


The Queen B* has three rules:

1. No obligations to spend every waking moment with each other. 
2. No public displays of affection during school.
3. She refuses to attend the Homecoming dance.

However, Brett is a very determined person and does not give in easily..

Life is constantly throwing Spirals.

Will the Power Couple remain strong and catch all the Spirals being thrown their way?


Will they end up calling a Time-Out?

Crista McHugh has done it again! I LOVED this book! This book has surprises as well as predictable moments BUT the predictable moments do not take away from the enjoyment of the story. I have certainly enjoyed the characters in this series from their personalities to their individual growth. This was a fun read!

(said to be released December 01, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

Hey everyone, today I have a sweet coming of age story to share with you!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cath and Wren are identical twin sisters who have always been close. They did everything together including writing Simon Snow fan fiction together.

However, as the two head off to college Wren is determined to meet new people and have some new experiences of her own.

College is a new chapter in life everyone is nervous to begin but, Cath thought the two would get through it together.

Instead, they each have a dorm-mate who is not their sister. Wren cut her hair, and does not seem to have time for her and Cath is hiding out in her room trying to survive on protein bars.

Until, her dorm-mate Reagan and Reagan's friend force her out of her shell.

When you are at your best everyone is there for you but, when you are experiencing  your most challenging moments in life you find out where their loyalty really lies.

In-between learning of Cath and Wren's journey, this book also gives you glimpses of the Simon Snow fan fiction Cath is writing.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I loved that the author was able to take two different college experiences and show personal growth towards adulthood for both Cath and Wren. I think most college age people could relate to this book in some way or another. I also find it unique that the author was able to give us glimpses into the Simon Snow world throughout the story. My only complaint is that I wish an epilogue had been written.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Angelfall By Susan E.E.

Hey everyone, today I have a unique apocalyptic read to share with you!

Angelfall by Susan E.E.

One might think, if Angels came down to Earth, it would be an extraordinary occurrence. However, things may have been bad before but, when the Angels arrived it became Hell on Earth. They have rained down destruction and hunger among the humans.

As Penryn and her family are struggling to survive they find themselves in the middle of an Angel fight. One of the warrior like Angels, Raffe, gets his wings cut off. Before the other angels leave one of their own for dead, they take Penryn's little sister with them.

Now, she is even more determined to survive and to rescue her sister. For this to be slightly possible, she must work with Raffe.

Raffe, has his own agenda, to get his wings reattached.

The unlikely duo will have to work together to survive.

Will their individual desires turn into suicide missions?

I enjoyed this book and I appreciate the uniqueness of this read. The story was action packed and held my interest. This read is a bit graphic but, given the type of story that it is I feel it was necessary.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Friday, November 13, 2015

November 9 By Colleen Hoover

Hey everyone, today I have a Wicked Read to share with you!

November 9 by Colleen Hoover 

Fallon is an eighteen year old girl who was badly burned in a house fire years ago, when her father forgot she was visiting with him during the incident. She was barely rescued in time, before the flames claimed her life.

Even though her father has apologized multiple times, it does not erase the prominent scars that are forever on her face and body. Nor does it dissolve the bitter anger she has towards him.

Now, on November 9th, the nightmarish anniversary that changed her life forever and took her self confidence with it. She is sitting in a restaurant at a table with her dad. She was reluctant to come today but, she thought she should inform him that she will be leaving for New York tonight.

Her father was far from pleased to hear this news and was very unsupportive. As they were having this very unpleasant conversation, a guy named Ben, overheard how unkind her father was being and stepped right in to act as her fake boyfriend.

This impulsive act was the beginning of a mutual agreement to meet up every November 9th for five years. While also being each others support system towards their own career paths.

A lot can happen in five years.

What will become of Fallon and Ben?

Is Ben too good to be true?


Is he her soulmate?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK! This book is one of my favorite books of all time! While I have LOVED every book of hers that I have read, she has outdone herself with November 9! This book made me feel happy. Then, it ripped out my heart, stomped on it and then put the pieces back together before giving it back to me! Honestly, I thought nothing could top her book, Confess. I was very wrong! If you only ever read one Colleen Hoover book, read this one! I would give it more than five stars if I could!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Never Never (Part One) By Colleen Hoover

Hey everyone, I have a short, but fun and mysterious read to share with you!

Never Never (Part One) by Colleen Hoover

Silas and Charlie are at their high school, when they both realize that they have no idea who they are. The only thing they remember, is how to do certain things and how to function.

Yet, as they wander through their lives they discover that they are childhood sweethearts with their own secrets and that there is bad blood between their families.

Why trying to figure out what happened, they are also trying to piece together who they once were and are trying to reinvent what they do not like about themselves.

Strange things go from odd to worse.

Things will be alright as long as they stick together. Right?

I LOVED this book! While reading this book I tried to put myself in their shoes. How would I feel if I suddenly did not have any memories or sense of self? Doing this, I think I was able to appreciate and enjoy this story that much more. I will be reading part two!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hopeless By Colleen Hoover (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have been MIA for a few days. I have been getting over a cold. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it hits me extremely hard. Anyways, I have a very interesting read to share with you today!

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Sky is a seventeen year old, emotionally numb, girl who has been home schooled her entire academic life. As her senior year approaches, she has convinced her technology phobic adoptive mother, Karen, to allow her to attend public school her last year.

However, she will have to navigate the unknown world of public school alone, as her best friend, Six, is headed off to Italy.

Not only does she have to deal with being the new girl, but thanks to Six, she has quite the reputation to contend with.

One day, while checking out at the grocery store, she comes across the town bad boy, Dean Holder. He proceeds to follow her to the parking lot and demands to know her name. She finally gives in and when he's taken back by her response, she shows him her ID. He apologizes and claims he thought she was someone else.

Even though he makes her irritated and nervous, she cannot deny that this infuriating guy makes her feel butterflies and a connection she has never felt before. She has been warned by Six that he is trouble and she tries to maintain her distance but, he is determined to know everything about her.

As they learn more about each other, pieces of herself start to unravel and Holder maybe the key to putting herself together.


Will she ever be the same?

I LOVED this book! This book pulled me in from beginning to end. I loved the characters too. This book was fast paced and it certainly had its shock and awe moments. I have heard mixed feelings about this book and I wanted to find out what my take was. I am so glad I did! I have loved every book that I have read by Colleen Hoover, thus far!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, November 1, 2015

*Graphic Novel: Alex + Ada By Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, the graphic novel I will be sharing with you today is a futuristic, sci-fi drama.

Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn

Alex is struggling to move on from a bad break up. So, for his birthday his grandmother decides to surprise him with an extremely expensive robotic companion. While he's not fond of the idea, he decides to give her a name and try her out.

As he gets use to Ada, he likes her more and more but desires her to be more human with her own thoughts and opinions. Instead of hanging on his every whim. He almost returns her to the manufacturer, but does not have the heart.

He investigates to find out if it is possible to make her more human.

It is possible.


Doing so is not without its risks


While robots are helpful, most people are not ready for humans and robots to coexist.

I LOVED THIS SERIES AND THE ART! I have read volumes 1 & 2 and I can NOT wait to read volume 3!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

*Graphic Novel: Sex Criminals By Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, The next graphic novel I am sharing with you today is Sex Criminals.

Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

Suzie is an average girl but the ability she is able to do is anything but.

Suzie freezes time every time she has sex. She starts to investigate what is happening to her. She begins to think she is the only one who has this unique ability. Until, she meets Jon.

The two of them decide to take advantage of their ability and commit bank robberies. After all, they couldn't possibly get caught could they?

I have read both volumes that are out right now. While the story is crazy and ridiculous I did really enjoy this hilarious series! The art was beautiful!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

The Elite By Kiera Cass

Hey everyone, I am back with a sequel, The Elite. (I reviewed the first one, The Selection, on October 12th.) You will need to read this series in order. The Elite picks up where The Selection leaves off.

The Elite by Kiera Cass

The prince of Illea is looking for his bride. The thirty-five competing for the crown and his heart have been narrowed down to six.

America Singer, seems to be the favorite of the Prince thus far but her heart is still torn between Prince Maxon and her childhood love, Aspen.

She has always been out right with her emotions and straightforward  with her views, but will one move be a step too far? 

Will the choice be made for her, before she decides where her heart truly lies? 

I REALLY enjoyed this book! While this book was a bit nerve racking at times, this book was very entertaining! I will be picking up the next book in the series, The One.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman  

*Graphic Novel: Morning Glories By Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma (Adult Only)

Hey everyone, as of today I will be reviewing graphic novels as well as books! The first graphic novel I will be telling you about is a five star, Wicked Read!

Morning Glories by Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma

Morning Glory Academy, is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country. However, it is unlike any other school. The six kids who are accepted all have the same date of birth. They are each made to go to sleep during the ride there and when they arrive they quickly learn there are dark and sinister acts going on behind its walls.

What will be the price for the answers they seek?

Will they ever escape or are they trapped like mice in a cage?

I have only read Vol 1 & 2. I am currently in the middle of Vol 3. I LOVE this series! The story is unique, creative and fast paced! I LOVE the art! It is very well done! I will be continuing on with this series for sure!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Accident Season By Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Hey everyone, I have the perfect Halloween thriller to tell you about today!

The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Cara and her family believe that they are cursed. Every October, tragedy strikes her family during the Halloween season.

To Cara and her family it is known as the Accident  season.

They take extra precautions to avoid getting injured as much as possible. Such as, wearing extra clothing and bubble wrapping corners of counters and tables in their home.

One day Cara notices that a friend from school, Elsie, is in every family photo that is taken in some way or another.

When she gets the courage to ask her about it she is no longer in sight and not even the school administration seems to remember her.

Cara's best friend is known for her tarot card reading and warns her that this Accident season will be the worst yet.

Are they really cursed or is it just a case of misfortune?

Will they ever break free of tragedy?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! The story is unique and very well written. It is a mystery within a mystery. The perfect Halloween thriller!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer By Michelle Hodkin

Hey everyone, I have an interesting read to share with you today!

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Mara Dyer wakes up in a hospital with no memory of why she is there. Her mother informs her that she was in an accident.

She is the only survivor, her best friend, her boyfriend, and a friend of her best friend are all dead.

She and her family move to a new state for a fresh start.

While at school she meets two boys, Jamie, a loner and Noah the most popular boy. She just wants to be normal.


she can't seem to escape the ghosts of her past.

Strange things start to happen, she sees the deceased ones of the accident, people are popping up dead and she has been having nightmares.

However, are these nightmares dreams or memories?


Are these hallucinations just signs of PTSD?


Is it something more dark and sinister?

She is desperate to remember what is locked away.


Can she handle the truth?

This book grabbed me, began to loosen its hold, then sucked me in completely! Even with the short time this book began to loosen its hold on me, I still found parts of it interesting enough to keep me reading. Usually, when a book starts to lose my interest I put the book down but, not with this book.
I had to know what happened to Mara and what was going on. The ending made up for the brief slow moments in the book! I will be picking up the sequel, The Evolution of Mara Dyer!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Monday, October 19, 2015

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys By April Genevieve Tucholke (and other various authors)

Hey everyone, I am sorry it has been awhile since I have posted a review. I have been reading books but also graphic novels. (please leave me a comment if you would like me to write and post reviews for graphic novels.) 

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys by April Genevieve Tucholke

This book is compiled of several short stories by well known authors such as:

April Genevieve Tucholke
Megan Shepherd
Marie Lu

Carrie Ryan 

Each story is inspired by a classic tale.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Some of the stories I loved, other stories I did not enjoy. A few of my favorite stories were by Megan Shepherd. This book is perfect for anyone who loves thrillers and Halloween type reads. 


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Selection By Kiera Cass

Hey everyone, I have a book candy read to share with you today!

The Selection by

America Singer's world, there are caste's, ones are the royals and eights are the homeless. 

America was born a five but the boy she loves, Aspen, was born a six. It is rare for anyone to marry below their caste.

However, that is exactly what she wants to do, marry for love.


America's mother is very determined for her daughter to rise above her caste.

When America receives an invite to apply to take part in the Selection to be one of the prospects out of thirty-five women to be Prince Maxon's wife, she wants no part in it. 

As far as she is concerned she has made her own selection.

Shockingly, Aspen encourages her to apply. His reasoning is that he does not want her to have any regrets or what ifs weighing her down later in life.

Reluctantly, she agrees to apply

With a smile on her lips and a song in her heart, for Aspen, she applied.

Little does she know, that smile, gets her entered into the running.

Her world is about to change.

Will her heart remain the same? 

I surprisingly, LOVED this book! There are two reasons why I was shocked to have loved this book:
1. I am a thirty-three year old woman. That being said, I am not the target audience for this book
2. I do not like reality television and this kind of reminds me of the bachelor. Yet, it also reminds me of the television show Reign. I LOVE Reign!

This book is what I refer to as book candy. There is no nutritional value to feed your mind, but it sure is yummy!

I admit, I went into this book knowing a little of what it about. However, it did not ruin anything for me. I had heard mixed feelings about it and was curious of what my thoughts would be. I loved the main characters BUT a few of the side characters were nerve racking at times. This was a very fast paced read for me and as soon as I finished the book I started the second book, The Elite.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Reads

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dirty English By Ilsa Madden-Mills (Adults Only)

Hey everyone! I have a bad-ass read to tell you about today!

Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills

After a prom night from Hell, Elizabeth Bennett's outlook on life is turned upside down. 

She no longer believes in the fairy-tale relationship. She is a one and done type of girl who sticks to her own set of rules:

Never choose a hot and popular guy.
One night only.
No contact afterwards.
Always be the one in control during sex.

One night, she reluctantly agrees to attend a frat party with her two best friends, where she meets two sexy and hot British brothers, the Blay twins.

Dax is fun and flirty.


Declan is a tattooed, powerhouse fighter.

According to her rules, Declan is the type of guy she should avoid. However, there is more to him than meets the eye and the two connect on a deeper level.

Can Declan prove to Elizabeth that he is her Mr. Darcy?

I LOVED this book! The book takes serious content and entwines it with heart, laughter, good times and inner strength. 

(said to be released October 12, 2015) 


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stone Cold Touch By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey everyone, I am back with a five star sequel! (I reviewed the first book, White Hot Kiss on September 27, 2015.) The sequel picks up where the first book leaves off. So, you will want to read the first book before reading this one. For those who have read the first book please read on.

Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Layla is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and move forward. Since Roth has been in Hell, a part of her has been torn while in other ways, Zayne and her have become closer.

One day, she discovers that she is unable to see anyone's aura.

As the saying goes, when it rains it pours.

When Roth surprisingly returns at her doorstep, it is not the happy reunion she imagines as her heart is shattered all over again.


Has Roth shattered her heart but, he has also come bearing horrible news.

A Lilth has been born.

Layla, Zayne, and Roth try to work together to save the world as they know it.

However, what happens when the only father you have ever known turns on you?


Has some dangerous secrets of his own?

I LOVED this book! This book sucked me back into its creative and unique world! It held my interest from beginning to end! At the end of book one, I found myself going back and forth between team Zayne and team Roth. In this sequel I was team Zayne through most of the book. Until, close to the end when more answers are revealed and Roth redeems himself. So, again I find myself torn between who I want Layla to end up with. I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this trilogy, Every Last Breath!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Queen B* Strikes Back By Crista McHugh

Hey everyone! I cannot believe it is October already! Wow! Today I have the continuation of Confessions of a Queen B* by Crista McHugh to share with you! The sequel kicks off right where the first book left off. So, you will need to read book one before picking this touchdown of a read up. (I reviewed Confessions of a Queen B* on May 31, 2015) For those of you who have already read the first book please read on!

The Queen B* Strikes Back by Crista McHugh

Alexis Wyndham turned down the star quarterback, Brett Pederson when he asked her to go out with him. Even just agreeing to be friends was complicated.

She was feared by the popular crowd and he was the Golden Boy. If she had agreed to a relationship they would either be the power couple or be demolished. 

After being betrayed by her former best friend Summer years ago, Alexis was afraid to become vulnerable and take the risk. However, Brett was her Achilles heel.

He was determined to break down her walls and show her that they could be together.


Every time she was close to giving into her hearts desire she was given more reasons to doubt.

Will they be the perfect team or get sacked?

I LOVED this book! The writing was fantastic! The story was fast paced, the characters felt genuine, I laughed out loud at times, and I was entertained the whole time! Crista McHugh is a Must Read author for me as she continues to pull me into her stories!


Best Wishes Always.

Wicked Woman

Sunday, September 27, 2015

White Hot Kiss By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey everyone, I have a Wicked Read to tell you about today!

White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Layla is a half demon, half gargoyle. She was adopted by the gargoyles a species called the Wardens, at a young age from the foster care system.

Growing up she was taught that Wardens were protectors of humanity and the demons were evil. As a child she was raised to ignore her demon side and embrace her Warden side.

Now, as a teenager she just wants to be normal. She has never even kissed a boy because one kiss and their soul would be gone.

Every day after school since the age of thirteen she has gone out tagging demons to make it easier for the Wardens to rid the world of evil.

One day, after eating lunch with her school friends, she follows what she believes to be a Poser demon. To her surprise it is not a Poser demon. It is a Seeker demon and she is in way over her head.

When it seems like her demise is near an upper level demon intervenes. As she witnesses the upper level demon take out the seeker demon, she takes the opportunity to flee.

Upon returning home, she tells her Warden childhood friend Zayne, all about her day but leaves out the part about her encounter.

The next day she goes to school. It is like any other day. Until, the upper level demon she came across yesterday, enters her biology class.

Roth a demon as hot as sin,  knows more about her then she does including all her secrets.

There is good and there is evil, black and white.

But what happens when everything you have ever known becomes shades of gray?

I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! The story is out of this world creative, unique and imaginative! I loved the characters! I found myself going back and forth between team Zayne and team Roth! I was flying through this book! Near the end of the book, I could not believe I had tears in my eyes over having compassion for a demon! I was in kind of a reading slump which is VERY RARE for me. This book pulled me out of that slump!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blow By Kim Karr (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I have an action packed read to share with you today!

Blow by Kim Karr

Sometimes, even when it comes to family, a person can get caught in the middle of drama that can escalate to extreme trouble in the blink of an eye.

In Elle's case her drama began three months ago when her sister went missing. She moved to Boston to help care for her niece.

As far as the average person knew, her sister Lizzy, was in rehab.

According to her sister's husband Michael, he did not know where Lizzy was.


It soon became clear, Michael knew more than he let on. When a tough muscle type guy showed up at his law office at nearly the same time as she had.

While the muscle guy was in Michael's office, she could not help but notice the sexy man who had come with the frightening stranger.

Logan was born into two different worlds, a silver spoon business world on one side and being sucked into the Irish Mob on the other side.

His past continued to haunt him but he was determined to stay out of the drama as much as possible.


Elle stirred emotions in him that he never knew he was capable of feeling.

However, Michael had one week to set everything right or Elle and his daughter could end up being collateral damage.

Logan was warned not to get involved but the heart is not rational and has been known to casuse a person to take risks.

Will Logan risk everything for the woman who has made him feel alive in such a short time?


Are the stakes too high?

I REALLY enjoyed this read! The story was action packed all though out the book, steamy at just the right times and heart wrenching at other times. The story held my interest from beginning to end. I was very surprised at how it ended and it left me wanting more!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pushing the Limits By Brooke Cumberland (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back with a hot for teacher read!

Pushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland

Aspen is a talented artist who lost her identical twin sister years ago in a freak accident. Art is her outlet, for dealing with her grief.

She avoids relationships and is comfortable with one night stands. Until, her art professor sparks up emotions she has never experienced before.

Morgan Hampton is an art professor who  has experienced his share of grief. His estranged brother passed away six months ago and he has returned to his hometown, where painful memories remain to raise his eleven year old niece.

He has not been able to bring himself to create art since losing his brother and having his heart shattered.

He sees talent and beauty in Aspen, but also sees her inner pain, that she tries desperately to hide.

Aspen has finally found someone who she connects with and who shares her passion, too bad that person is off limits.

Limits can be pushed but, are they worth the cost?

I  enjoyed this book it has a lot of heart and raw emotions. However, this book was not as gripping and fast paced as I would have liked. While it did interest me, it did not hold my interest from start to finish, in one sitting. I found myself putting it down at times but, I would come back to it it later.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can't Resist Him By Molly McLain (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back again with another great read to tell you about!

Can't Resist Him by Molly McLain

Jenny Riley has been unlucky when it comes to love. The guys she gets with never stay long enough for anything solid to form. The guys she gets with stick it and quit it. 

Reed is known for his playboy ways. So it should be no surprise when he dumps her. However, it still stings.

One night in Vegas changes everything, when Jenny crosses paths with a drunken yet undeniably sexy, tattooed Marine, Brody Nelson.

They both made memorable impressions on each other. Yet, they were not sure they would see one another again, as they never exchanged phone numbers while in Vegas.

As fate would have it they crossed paths a second time, at a mutual friends house. They could not deny the connection they share that goes further than just physical attraction. 

She wants someone who wants her for more than her body. While Brody can not deny her outward beauty, he also sees her inward beauty that no man has come to appreciate.

They both have their own inner demons to slay, but can they manage to slay them together or will their demons rip them apart?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I love how they each called the other out on their insecurities. I enjoyed their stubbornness and playful banter. The only thing that really bothered me is Jenny's need for validation from a man. I get that she wanted what we all want, which is to love and be loved. However, I did not feel as though she loved and valued herself while she was single. How can a person expect to be loved by someone until they love themselves first? You should know your own value and not allow others to appraise you.

(said to be released September 15, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Friday, September 11, 2015

Falling for Danger By Chanel Cleeton (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back with another five star read! The book I will be telling you about today is the third book in the Capital Confessions trilogy! The first book Flirting with Scandal (reviewed on April 18, 2015). The second book Playing with Trouble (reviewed on June 12, 2015. These can be read as a standalone as they are each about a different character, but I highly recommend reading the entire trilogy.

Falling for Danger by Chanel Cleeton

Kate Reynolds lost her fiancee, Matt Ryan, in a
Special Forces mission in Afghanistan. However, his body was never recovered and she is determined to find out what happened to him.

She has graduated from college and has landed herself a job as junior political analyst at the CIA.

Kate can't seem to shake the feeling that she is being watched.

One evening while she slept, she hears two men inside her apartment arguing. She grabs a baseball bat to defend herself only to discover the the men are fighting each other. One of the men runs off after getting what he was after. The other guy to her surprise was Matt.

Matt Ryan had been keeping an eye on Kate for quite sometime but when he discovered the love of his life may be in danger, he decided to come out of the shadows despite the risks.

Kate had never gotten over her grief of losing Matt. She just kept putting one foot in front of the other each and every day.

Now, here he was standing in front of her after all this time. 

War changes people and more often than not, soldiers return suffering from PTSD. He is not the same guy she fell in love with but deep down she was the one who kept him going. 

How does one keep going when the world thinks that you are dead?

Matt and Kate grew up in a town where power and money call the shots. The power players have secrets of destruction that they will do anything to keep buried.

In politics there are checks and balances for a reason. Sometimes we must remind the sharks to not bite the hands that feed them.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! This one is my favorite of the trilogy. I loved this action packed read! It had me hooked from the beginning! I did not want to put it down! I literally only put it down when my tablet needed charging and to sleep! This is a very fast paced read that gets your blood pumping! I loved the story and the characters. I love how it brought to light how war affects people. I love how Kate never gave up on him. True love never dies and loyalty does count for something.

(said to be released September 15, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Stupid Love By Cindy Miles

Hey everyone, I know I am a little late to the blog this month, but I am kicking off this month with a five star read! The book I am sharing today is the third and final installment in the Stupid in Love trilogy. The first is Stupid Girl (reviewed on June 29, 2014) The second is Stupid Boy (reviewed on February 14, 2015) These books can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading all three!

Stupid Love by Cindy Miles

In life we are each taught life lessons based off our experiences.

Memory had learned to always live life to the fullest, after cheating death at a young age. She was known as the Winston Daredevil. She is all about having a good time and she's not against a casual hook-up.

Her closest friends did not even know about her near brush with death. She did not want their pity.

Now, at the age off twenty-two, a senior in college, she is happy living it up with her friends.

On the way home from a party, her jeep breaks down and she calls for a tow.

Jace Beaumont, the tow truck guy, is a very focused and determined guy who has no patience for the party scene. 

Memory certainly lives up to her name and Jace cannot get her off his mind no matter how hard he tries.

He wants a woman he can have a future with.


Memory has a secret, she may not have a future to live.

I LOVED this book! I love how Memory is so blunt. She made me laugh but also frustrated at times. I love how Jace is so sweet and has traditions and values. The characters and story felt real. This story made me feel so many emotions.

(said to be released September 10, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fighting For It By Jennifer Fusco

Hey everyone, I am finishing the month of August with a one, two, punch!

Fighting For It by Jennifer Fusco

Jack Brady turned to booze and bimbos when his boxing career took a dive and his father figure of a manger passed away.

He was never one for relationships, except when it came to Daniella Chambers.

Daniella Chambers is the daughter of his former manager. Years ago, Jack pushed her away and off she went to California, where she obtained her degree in Sports Therapy.

With the passing of her father she inherited the gym. However, with inheritance you inherent the good with the bad and her father left her in a pinch.

Daniella left Vegas a girl and returned a woman. She has a take no prisoners attitude and is determined to get her main fighter and gym on top.

In this sport the mind, body and heart must work in sync, but Jack lost his love for the sport long ago.

Can she help him find his rhythm again?

I liked this book. The story was touching and sweet. BUT when I was reading it, I did not get pulled into their world. While I found it to be a steady paced read, I did not find anything unique about this story.

(said to be released September 15, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Into My Arms By Lia Riley (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, today I have a short but steamy novella read for you! This read is an Off The Map novella but it can be read as a standalone. (I highly recommed reading the series from the beginning.)

Into My Arms by Lia Riley 

Bethanny Jacobs is an assistant to the youngest billionaires.

Aleksander “Z” Zavtra is known for having things follow order, his order. He watches his assistant daily but she has never seen him. He is intrigued by her, body and mind.

One night, he wisks her away for the weekend and gives her the chance to turn fantasies into reality 

Will she stay or leave? The choice is hers.

One thing is certain, if she stays, the mysteies will be revealed.


She will have a whole new perception of her boss.

I really enjoyed this book! I love the mystery of Z. However, I thought Bethanny was a little too easy. She did not play hard to get even a little. I know that Z and Bran are friends. So, that could be a factor but, she just met this man face to face and was like whatever you say Mr. Hot, Sexy, Mysterious Boss man.

(said to be released September 08, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Your Voice Is All I Hear By Leah Scheier

Hey everyone, I have a tear jerkier of a read that brings a serious mental illness to light.

Your Voice Is All I Hear by Leah Scheier

April is an unpopular high school student who has always had her best friend by her side. The two have always been inseparable since the second grade.

However, this year she is forced to go it alone, when her best friend gets transferred to a local private school.

Things are going miserably as  she expected. Until the new boy Jonah, decides to sit in the vacant seat in front of her.

Jonah is a cute artistically talented boy from Boston. The two become fast friends as he encourages her musical talent.

He promised his mom he would give the new school a try for one year but, when the year is over he plans on going to a school for the Arts and wants April to apply and go with him.

As their friendship blossoms into a relationship, things start to unravel. He starts having moments of paranoia, hearing things that are not there and his thoughts are not making sense.

Loyalty and trust are not easy to come by. 

April is determined to stick by him and have his back no matter what. Even if it means putting herself second and lying to those around her.

With clarity comes the truth of their reality.

This book is difficult to rate, due to the subject matter. I liked how the book brought a serious mental illness to light. It was raw, gripping and heart wrenching. I thought the book was well written. I am not normally a book crier, but you will need some tissues on hand for this emotional read.

(said to be released September 01, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Monday, August 24, 2015

Has to Be Love By Jolene Perry (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, today I will be sharing a book about self discovery and acceptance with you!

Has to Be Love by Jolene Perry

Clara lives in a small Alaskan town.

Years ago she and her mother were walking down a path that the two had done so many times before. Except, one night things were not routine. A bear had attacked them. Her mother was killed and Clara had survived with severe facial damage to one side of her face.

Living in a small town, everyone knows everything about everyone. However, that does not stop the rude commentary from time to time.

She has her long time friend/boyfriend Elias, at her side, a loving father and her unrelenting faith on her side.


Having to deal with the stares and questions from outsiders causes her self consciousness to rise even higher.

When she meets Rhodes Kennedy, a substitute student teacher, who has traveled and experienced the world. She starts to question her safe plans and wonders if she can face the world outside of the only place she has ever known.

One thing is certain she must live her life for her and follow her own path.


How will she know if the choice she makes is her own?


If her choice is being influenced by others?

I enjoyed this book! the story was compelling. You can feel the emotions pouring off the page. However, I found Rhodes to be obtrusive. Not only was his character annoying and rude but he should have minded his own business when it came to Clara outside of the classroom. I loved Elias' character, his was selfless and sweet without a hidden agenda.

(said to be released September 01, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Own Me By Lexi Scott (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back to share with you a read about life not always working out the way you want it to but, knowing who you can not be without.

Own Me by Lexi Scott

Genevieve Rodriguez is an intelligent classy young woman but like everyone, she struggles in certain areas of study. No worries, she has her best friend and tutor to help her.

Adam Abramowitz, is an attractive Israelli native who tutors Gen in physics, while trying to successfully get positive results from his experiment for his thesis.

However, his determination caused him to put the renewal of his student Visa on the back burner.

Adam has always had a thing for Gen, but never thought he would ever get out of the Friend Zone.

Until, the two end up in a spur of the moment situation, Gen announces they are engaged and they end up sharing a breathtaking kiss.

After the whole Shock and Awe event and it is just the two of them, Gen proposes that they get married.

He is her best friend and she can not imagine losing him. She also wants to move out of her parents home and prove she has let go of her childhood fantasy of ending up with her brothers' best friend.

Adam dreads the possibility of having to return to Israel and face his parents without anything to show for his accomplishments.

Not to mention having to say goodbye to his best friend that makes him come out of his lab coat and live life.

They agree to be bonded and remain friends.

Their bond will be tested.

Will everything slowly fray and come apart?


Become stronger?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It is my favorite book by Lexi Scott thus far. Despite how they kept repeating the terms of their situation through out the book. I love how thoughtful they were of each other and their overall chemistry.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Unexpectedly His By Maggie Kelley (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, who says good times can not be found in the pages of a book? That is exactly how this book started!

Unexpectedly His by Maggie Kelley

After being cheated on by her ex-fiance, good girl Marianne McBride was determined to find her inner wild side and gradually let the freak out of it's cage.

What better way to make an entrance than to pop out of your crushes birthday cake, who just happens to be your best friends brother and the boss?

Every thing went as planned. Except, when she decided to give him a gift of her own, a searing kiss.

She did not wait around to get caught up in the aftermath of her impulsive action. She left in such a rush that someone might wonder if she was ever there.

The night after, the birthday boy Nick Wright, could not get Cake Girl out of his head. Too bad she had a mask covering her face and had no clue who she was.

That KISS however, was unforgettable and for Nick that spoke volumes.

Nick Wright was a knock your socks off, no commitment type guy. 


Being hot with the ladies may burn his chances of making partner at work.


He can convince everyone at the office he is engaged to the love of his life

Thankfully, his matchmaking sister has his back and knows the perfect faux fiancée.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! At first, I thought the whole popping out of the cake was a bit much. However, this book kept me entertained from start to finish and the author made everything snap into place!

(said to be released August 18, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just One Reason By Brooklyn Skye (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, today I have a book about over coming challenges and self discovery.

Just One Reason by Brooklyn Skye

Melody Sumner was an editorial intern trying to get her foot in the door towards the career she wanted. So, when her boss asked her to tag a long to a convention in Vegas, she could hardly refuse. 

As luck would have it she was staying at the hotel her father was the Senior VP of. While there, her father was determined to convince her to give up the internship in sunny California and move to Vegas to manage the hotel.

While she was struggling to be successful, despite having Dyslexia, she was determined to prove herself to her boss.

While at a piano performance she was not impressed with Declan Waterford, a cocky Irish performer, who ran his mouth without thought.

She was determined to set him in his place and it backfired.

He may have won the battle but not the war.

When he realized he was rude to the big boss mans' daughter he was desperate to rectify the situation.

He could not allow anything to jeopardize his chance of earning the money needed to pay for his brothers surgery.

They had come to an agreement. She would put in a good word for him and he would give her piano lessons.

Melody had researched how playing an instrument could help her overcome her Dyslexia. 

So, when he asked her what he could do for her she could not waste a life changing opportunity. 

An agreement that was more than what either of them bargained for.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I like how the book mentioned real life struggles. However, while I was satisfied with the ending, I feel like the timeline could have skipped ahead more than five weeks.

(said to be released August 18, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman