Wicked Reads

Wicked Reads

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Adorkable By Cookie O'Gorman

Hey everyone, it is the end of the month! Surprisingly, I was able to get in one last read! I decided to end the month with a fun and fluffy type read!

Adorkable by Cookie O'Gorman

Sally Spitz is only seventeen and has her whole life ahead of her.


That does not stop her mother from teaming up with Sally's best gal pal to find Sally's perfect match.
What no one knows, is that Sally has known her match since childhood. Her childhood friend, Becks.

Becks, is the athletic, hot and popular guy, that the girls throw themselves at.

Meanwhile, after being setup by the matchmakers constantly and going on one disastrous date after another, Sally has had enough.

She hatches a plan to get a fake boyfriend and enlists Becks help for a month.

However, as time goes on he plays his part so well that her heart and head are conflicted.

Is it all just for show?


Did things get real?

I liked this book, it was a fun, light and fluffy read. The ending was satisfactory. However, this book did not wow me. It did not bring much to the table to set it apart from other books in its genre.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Three Hard Lessons By Nikki Sloane (Adults Only)

I am back at it, to talk about the sequel to Three Simple Rules! If you have not read Three Simple Rules do not read the review below. This book answers the cliffhanger that was left in the first book.  Also, while this sequel's main focus is on another couple, Evelyn and Logan do make a reappearance a few times throughout the story.

Three Hard Lessons by Nikki Sloane

Payton is the main attraction at the Blindfold Club. She is used to men paying top dollar to be with her.


When Dom walks in and agrees to pay $30,000 without hesitation, Payton is shocked.

What does he want in return?

To take things slow, hand holding and kissing.

One man in a single encounter has her breaking her own rules and sending her life in a tailspin.

Payton warns Dom that she is hard to handle.

Is Dom up for the challenge?

Who is handling who?

I enjoyed this read, but not as much as the first. While I enjoyed Payton's wild and free spirit, I found her character annoying at times. With that said, I LOVED the ending and will continue on with the series.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Three Simple Rules By Nikki Sloane (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back with a steamy read to tell you about!

Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

Evelyn is a hardworking and career minded woman with a stickler for a boss.

One over looked mistake may cost her, her dream job.

Desperate times call for drastic measures. Evelyn decides to follow in her friend, Payton's footsteps,working at an exclusive, adult fantasy, and highly illegal blindfold club.

It is nerve racking enough to step out of your comfort zone. However, when the blindfold comes off rules are given, sparks fly and complications arise.

I REALLY enjoyed this book from the main characters to the ending and everything in between. If you are an adult who enjoys a highly steamy read with an awe factor read this book! While this book did end well, it does end with kind of a cliffhanger that will make you want to pick up the next book, Three Hard Lessons, immediately!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Leaving Amarillo By Caisey Quinn (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I have a friends to lovers type read to share with you today.

Leaving Amarillo by Caisey Quinn

Dixie and Dallas Lark lost their parents at a young age and were raised by their grandparents.

 On the day of the wake they became fast friends with Gavin.

Gavin lives with his mother, but he has had a difficult childhood as well.

Dallas is overprotective of his sister and has made it clear from the beginning, Gavin is not to touch Dixie if he wants to remain friends with Dallas.

The trio form a band called Leaving Amarillo, Dixie (fiddle), Dallas (guitar),and Gavin (drums).

Ten years later, a chance to live their dream is within their grasp. However, Dixie is all grown up and cannot get Gavin off her mind. There is an undeniable attraction between the two, but he is determined to honor his promise to her brother. Despite, Dixie playing Confessional with Gavin.

Will the band remain intact and be able to live their dream?


Will they fall apart and set out on individual dreams?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I loved the story line! I enjoyed the banter between Dixie and Gavin. On the flip side, Dallas's over protective big brother attitude was annoying at times. I can understand him being overprotective when his sister was younger. Once she became older he should have trusted her to make her own decisions and loosened the reins. His character was a bit suffocating. While the ending was satisfying it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. I will be continuing on with this series at some point.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Monday, June 13, 2016

At Any Price By Brenna Aubrey (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, the last book of the evening that I will be sharing with you is a very unique and heartfelt read!

At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey

Mia Strong is a gaming blogger, who decides to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. 

She is not looking for Mr. Right. She desperately needs the money to pay for medical school as well as her mother's hospital bills.

Her rules are short and sweet:
*One night only.
*No further contact

Adam Drake, the auction winner and software developer, has plans of his own.

Who is really in control?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! The story line held my interest. The main characters, as well as the side characters were enjoyable! I will be continuing on with this series!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


The Way to Game the Walk of Shame By Jenn P. Nguyen

Hey everyone, the third book of the evening is a fun fast read!

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen

Taylor Simmons is a hard working, study minded student.

However, her good girl reputation hangs in the balance.

One night of letting loose and she ends up waking up with bad boy surfer, Evan McKinley.

She has no memory of exactly what happened.


The whole school has no problem drawing their own conclusions. As she starts to feel everything she has worked hard for slip away, Taylor persuades Evan to pretend that they are and have been in a relationship.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! This was a fun and quick read for me. From the story line to the characters, I enjoyed it all. 


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


The Year We Fell Down By Sarina Bowen (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, the second book I have to tell you about this evening, is about finding yourself again after an injury.

The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen

Corey Callahan expected to attend Harkness College as a hockey player. However, a serious spinal injury landed her in a wheelchair instead.

Despite her parents nervousness, Corey continued on with her college plans.

She has an awesome roommate and her fellow injured, but hot neighbor is certainly a bonus.

Too bad he is taken.


They can be friends, right?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It was a sweet and at times a humorous read. I loved all the characters. However, being a disabled person myself. (although, not by a spinal injury) I did find Corey to be a bit annoying. I will continue on with the series at some point.


Best Wishes Always.

Wicked Woman

Breathe By Abbi Glines

Hey everyone, I have four books to tell you about today! This first one is a perfect summer time read!

Breathe by Abbi Glines

In Sadie White's house the roles are reversed.

For most teens being on summer break means going to the beach and attending parties. However, Sadie's pregnant mother refuses to work and Sadie has to take her mother's position, as a house servant.

She quickly discovers that the owner of the house is Jax Stone, teen rock-star.

Despite the house staff's reluctance to allow Sadie to step in to fill her mother's shoes, they give her a chance.

She is determined to remain professional and impress the staff.


Despite her best efforts, the staff are not the only ones who have their eyes on her.

Jax Stone is use to having girls throw themselves at him.


If Sadie gives in to him, she has a lot more to loose than just her heart.

I REALLY enjoyed this read! It was a lot of fun, despite my annoyance with Sadie's mom. The author tried to explain the mother's behavior at the end of the book, BUT what about Sadie's mother's actions and attitude before she became pregnant? I am sorry there is no excuse for it. With that said, I still look forward to continuing on with the series.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman