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Wicked Reads

Monday, June 29, 2015

Simmering Ice By Veronica Forand & Susan Scott Shelley

Hey everyone, we are nearing the end of another month. Today, I have a sweet fast paced read to share with you.

Simmering Ice by Veronica Forand & Susan Scott Shelley

Alec O'Meara is a professional hockey player.

While visiting some children at a local hospital, he bumps into Annie.

Annie Davidson is a  physical therapist who shocks Alec at first sight due to the color of her hair.

Alec's late wife lost her battle with cancer and since then he has kept things as carefree off the ice as he is on the ice.

One evening, his teammate decides to play, obvious matchmaker.

The more the two get to know each other, Alec realizes, that other than hair color Annie and his late wife are nothing alike.

Annie is athletic and keeps him on his toes. 

However, due to a past relationship, she is insecure and her mother only adds to her lack of self confidence.

She keeps questioning his interest in her.

Why would he want an average looking woman when he had a model type for a wife?

Is he looking for a replacement for what he lost? 

Alec and Annie have had their share of heartbreak. Can they melt it all away with an ignited flame?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I found it to be sweet and heartwarming. This is one of those feel good, fast paced, reads. Perfect for a quick read on the go or for a lazy, Sunday afternoon.

(said to be released July 07, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Taming Lily By Monica Murphy (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I have a steamy, adventurous, read to share with you. This book is the last book in The Fowler Sisters trilogy, but can be read as a standalone.

Taming Lily by Monica Murphy

Lily Fowler is the oldest of her three sisters. She is known as the wild child, for her partying ways, but when she finds herself in trouble yet again she does what she does best, runs.

She thinks she can out run trouble and keep her identity secret but one man knows who she is and was hired by an enemy to retrieve something of hers.

Max Coleman is on a mission that leads him to Lily. They say never to mix business with pleasure but when it comes to Lily, he can not help himself.

He tells himself that he is only getting close to her to gain her trust and do his job.

However, as he is trying to get something of hers, she steals his heart.

Lily has always put on masks to protect herself, telling herself, she does not want anything more than a good time but Max changes all that.

The one time she leaves herself vulnerable could cost her and her family everything.

How much is she willing to risk for a chance at love?

I LOVED this book! This is my favorite of the trilogy! I loved both Max and Lily. I admit I was not sure how I would feel about Lily. In the previous books she was mentioned as the irresponsible loose cannon, but now knowing her story I can honestly say she is my favorite of the three!

(said to be released July 07, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Escape From Witchwood Hollow By Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Hey everyone, I have a very imaginative book to tell you about today.

Escape from Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Honoria and her brother moved to the small farming town of Arnn from New York City. After losing both of their parents in the tragic terrorist attack on the Twin Towers.

Arnn was far different than New York but it was not like any other small town either. On the outside it seemed like any small country town.

One day, while in art class a girl takes notice of Honoria's drawing, a drawing of a tree. The girl proceeds to tell her about the town legend of Witchwood Hollow.

Legend has it, anyone who venture into the whispering forest, the witch will trap your soul among the shadowed trees.

That same evening Honoria goes to check out Witchwood Hollow for herself. 

How much of the legend, if any, holds truth?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I felt like I myself was on the quest for answers. I thought the characters of the past were perfectly intertwined with the characters of the present.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Break Your Heart By Rhonda Helms

Hey everyone, today I have a very enjoyable read to share with you today.

Break Your Heart by Rhonda Helms

Megan Porter is on her way to graduating with honors. A spot in her school's masters program is within her grasp.

Her senior year went from typical to whirlwind.

While anticipating her cryptography professor to walk into the classroom, she was surprised to see the handsome and young, Dr. Nick Muramoto.

Dr. Nick Muramoto informed the class that due to their previous professors health that he would be taking over the class.

After class he informed her that he would also be her new thesis advisor.

Megan typically went for the jocks, no strings, just a good time with a casual hookup here and there.

She certainly was not the hot for teacher type. While she could not deny his yummy good looks she was more intrigued by his intellect.

What started out as innocent emails quickly progressed to coded messages and passionate kisses.

Of course, teacher student relations were forbidden.

Was this just a little crush or something real?

As if her academic life did not have her on pins and needles as it was. Her close knit family was unraveling and she would do anything to help mend what has become frayed.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! The story caught my interest and held it until the end. While the story had some serious matters, it was not too heavy of a read. I enjoyed the ending, but was left wanting an epilogue.

(said to be released July 28, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hide Me By Lexi Scott

Hey everyone, I have a touching story to share with you.

Hide Me by Lexi Scott

Whit Conrad left her home of Pennsylvania for California to live in her brothers shadow. Her loss, grief, and guilt over his passing consumed her.

She went to all the places he went to. She even went as far as getting a job at the place her brother received his first tattoo.

One day, Deo Beckett strolled in looking to get some new ink for his birthday. The two began to talk and he walked out of the place with her design on him, a kiss, and her phone number.

Deo was an unemployed, sweet, surfer boy who lived with his grandfather and had no desire to give his life direction.

The more he was around her, the more he liked her, but she was not interested in being more than friends.

She had parts of herself that she wanted to stay hidden. 

She refused to let her guard down and unravel before him, no matter how much he tried to help her.

In trying to help her, he found himself.


Did he push to hard to find answers?


Will she ever be able to live her life for herself?

I enjoyed this book. It had heart, compassion, self discovery, determination, and showed just how love of all kinds can change a person.

(said to be released July 07, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Awake By Natasha Preston

Hey everyone, I have a unique read to share with you today!

Awake by Natasha Preston

Scarlett is asked to show the new guy around school since they had all but one class together. From the very beginning they shared a connection. Noah only had eyes for her and he wanted to know everything about her.

Scarlett thought once he found out that she could not remember anything before the age of four that he would think she was weird and lose interest in her.

She was wrong.

Her parents informed her that the reason she could not recall anything was due to the trauma of seeing their house burn down. So, growing up she had to rely on them to fill in the blanks.

After all, her parents would not lie to her would they?

She and her family went out of town to visit her grandparents for Easter. On their way back they were in an accident. She had fully recovered but something was not quite right. She was seeing images in her head and suffering from headaches.

The more the images and headaches occurred, the stronger her need for answers became.

They say the truth will set you free.

Everyone she trusts has lied to her.

Trusting the wrong person could cost her, her life.

I enjoyed this intriguing read page after page. I like Scarlett, wanted to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

(said to be released August 04, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


Friday, June 12, 2015

Playing with Trouble By Chanel Cleeton

Hey everyone, back on the 18th of April I post my review of Flirting with Scandal by Chanel Cleeton. Today I will be sharing the sequel with you. You can read this as a standalone but I highly recommend you read Flirting with Scandal first.

Playing with Trouble by Chanel Cleeton 

Blair Reynolds is one of three daughters of a very powerful senator. While her sister Kate was the rebel and Jackie was the illegitimate daughter, Blair was the one who took care of everyone, avoided confrontation, and put her parents needs, wants and desires ahead of her own.

Until, on her wedding day. What was supposed to be one of the happiest moments in her life, turned into shock and scandal.

She had caught her fiancé getting it on with the Best Man.

Determined to move forward with her life, she enrolled in law school.

However, there was one law she could not deny no matter how hard she tried.

The Law of Attraction

Her Torts professor knew how to push her buttons in more ways than one.

Graydon Canter was a dangerous combination of intelligent and sexy. 

At first, it was nothing more than physical attraction between them. But, when a situation arises and they are forced to work together they find it impossible to ignore what is below the surface.


When he decides to open himself up, will what she learns cause her to walk away?

I LOVED this book! The characters, the tangled webs of law and politics, the struggles, and chemistry. I was caught up in it all and loved every page of this book!

(said to be released July 21, 2015)


Best Wishes Always.

Wicked Woman

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Consequence Of Revenge By Rachel Van Dyken

Hey everyone, I have a laugh out loud hilarious read to share with you! You may remember back on April 29, 2015 I reviewed a book called The Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken! Well, today I will be sharing with you book # 2 in her Consequence series. The book I am about to share with you can be read as a standalone. However, it will have a few spoilers if you read this one before the first one. As for this review I try to avoid spoilers but, if you have not read the first book do not read this review. This review is written with the expectation that the first book has already been read.

The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken

The gang is back! They are back to their prankster ways in this unforgettable, comical sequel. In the end of the first book, Milo and her childhood friend were married. While Milo and Colton finally got their happily ever after, her best friend Max Emory, feels beside himself.

Max has good looks, charm and money but his cheesy pick-up lines are not working in his favor and he lacks ambition to move towards his future.

His friends devise a plan to get him off the couch and onto an island with twenty-five single women.

Max is shocked to learn that he is the next bachelor on the hit, reality show, Love Island.

Even with all his charm, he cannot charm his way out of this little love nest.

At the end of the show, he has to choose, but will his choice choose him or money?

Will this adventure be what he needs to find himself and figure out what he wants for his future?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book! It was very fast paced, just about every page had me laughing out loud, and the characters made me feel like I was a part of their group. Do NOT miss out on this treasure of a series!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Crazy For The Competition By Cindi Madsen

Hey everyone, today I have a fun and enjoyable read to share with you!

Crazy for the Competition by Cindi Madsen

Quinn Sakata was in her hometown of Hope Springs in the middle of her sister's wedding rehearsal. 

Her head was in two places at once, while she anxiously awaited to hear if her dream of owning the local old Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast would come true.

During the rehearsal she notices Heath Brantley, a tattooed hottie who was  making repairs. At first glance she did not realize that he was the same guy she had a crush on back in high school.

The two stepped out of the church and began to chat. Once the two realized who each other were, talking led  to reminiscing. Suddenly, their phones received word instantaneously that their presence was required at town hall.  

That is when they realized that they each had a bid on the same property.

The town committee wanted their assistance getting ready for the upcoming parade.

One property two dreams.

The two must work together for the winning bid to be determined.

I LOVED this book! It is the perfect read for you to sit in your favorite reading spot, grab your favorite beverage and relax. This author is a favorite of mine!

(said to be released June 09, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman