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Wicked Reads

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Beautiful Ugly By James Snyder

Today I have a very heartbreaking yet very well written story to share with you! Given the subject matter as a parent, I strongly recommend ADULTS ONLY should read this! However, as I have stated on my very first blog entry it is at the parent/guardians sole discretion as to whether a child should be allowed to read the content of the books I discuss.

The Beautiful Ugly by James Snyder pulls us into a world where sixteen year old Connelly Pierce wakes up in a psychiatric facility. The staff is trying to get her to talk with them. However, she is not willing to cooperate with them. She then begins to tell the reader about her childhood and experiences she had to endure.

It is my opinion that this story is well written but as a mother I felt sadness for the characters but also rage for how Connelly was treated. I felt compelled to keep reading. Simply because I wanted to know, What happens next? I am grateful to have received this book via Goodreads First reads!

There is a second book in the series that I would be interested in reading!

Into The Abyss


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