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Wicked Reads

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Want It By Jennifer Chance

Hey everyone if you enjoy a love story that packs a punch then this next book is for you.

Want It by Jennifer Chance

One night crashed Erin Connelly and Zander James's world! 

Erin Connelly made a decision four years ago to call 911 when a race between her boyfriend, Zander James and his friend ended badly. A call that ended their relationship and altered Zander's future.

Four years later, the two meet face to face at the funeral of Zander's father. Erin has two goals. The first to pay her respects and second to find out some survival information.

Erin has always been the one to rescue her mother from one crazy misadventure to another but this time her mother has gotten in over her head.

Zander James is an Army Ranger who did not get to follow his dreams of becoming an officer, thanks to Erin. Even though, he still has animosity towards her he cannot deny to himself that he continues to hold a burning torch for her. When she begins to ask for survival information he realizes she is about to walk right into danger. Zander gives her no choice but to take him with her.

While on this seek and rescue mission he is strategic but what is his strategy for love? Can he handle the truth?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It was fast paced action with steamy connections. 

(said to be released December 9, 2014)

Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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