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Wicked Reads

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bringing Home The Bad Boy By Jessica Lemmon

Hey everyone! I hope the first month on the new year has treated you nicely. The book I am going to be sharing with you today is about a fresh start.

Bringing Home the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon

Evan who is a talented artist, was drawn to Rae from the start.

Evan and Rae shared a connection that sent them down the aisle towards what he thought was their forever.

He never thought his wife would leave this Earth so suddenly and so young. Not only leaving Evan behind but also their son, Lyon.

Five years after her passing, he decided to sell the house they called home and the only home their son knew and move to Evergreen Cove.

Evergreen Cove is the town where Evan had spent his childhood summers and his angel wife's best friend resides.

Charlotte and Rae were such good friends, they were more like family. From the moment she held Lyon in her arms for the first time she was Aunt Charlie.

At Rae's funeral she promised to take care of her boys.

Evans childhood may also be the path to inner peace and a chance to have the future they deserve.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! This book grabbed me from the start. I now understand the phrase, book hangover. When the book ended my mind was still in the book with all the characters created by Ms. Lemmon. I was satisfied with the ending but was left wanting more!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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