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Wicked Reads

Thursday, April 2, 2015

In The Red Zone By Crista McHugh

Hey everyone, Crista McHugh has written another TOUCHDOWN!!

In the Red Zone by Crista McHugh

Frank Kelly is a bad ass, All-Star, line backer who is known for his moves on and off the field. So much so that his team mate Tre calls him Romeo.

One night at a dance club one woman stands out among the crowd. He goes to introduce himself but it seems she is busy looking for someone.

Kiana Dyer is the daughter of a deceased Hall of  Famer and is Tre's half sister who is well aware of Frank and his player ways. However, when a confrontation comes about, Frank quickly comes to her rescue. When things escalate and a gun is fired the cops are quick on the scene. Romeo turned warrior finds himself arrested and sent to jail.

She calls in a favor and the charges are dropped.

While Kiana does feel guilt for Frank getting arrested among other things while defending her honor, she has ulterior motives for getting him released.

He has been captivated by her since he laid eyes on her.

She leads a life of caution due to a traumatic past.

He will do anything to prove to her that while he tackles men to the ground he is a gentle lamb off the field.

Every Romeo needs a Juliet, Right?

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! The storyline was well written and engaging. As are all of Ms. McHugh's books! While this book ended more than satisfactory I was not ready for it to end. I wanted more!


Best Wishes Always.

Wicked Woman

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