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Wicked Reads

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Three Simple Rules By Nikki Sloane (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back with a steamy read to tell you about!

Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

Evelyn is a hardworking and career minded woman with a stickler for a boss.

One over looked mistake may cost her, her dream job.

Desperate times call for drastic measures. Evelyn decides to follow in her friend, Payton's footsteps,working at an exclusive, adult fantasy, and highly illegal blindfold club.

It is nerve racking enough to step out of your comfort zone. However, when the blindfold comes off rules are given, sparks fly and complications arise.

I REALLY enjoyed this book from the main characters to the ending and everything in between. If you are an adult who enjoys a highly steamy read with an awe factor read this book! While this book did end well, it does end with kind of a cliffhanger that will make you want to pick up the next book, Three Hard Lessons, immediately!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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