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Wicked Reads

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Summer Of Jake By Rachel Bailey

Hey everyone, I am back to share another heartwarming tale with you!

 The Summer of Jake by Rachel Bailey

Annalise Farley is recently out of work but has always had a talent for designing. One day she receives a phone call from her best friends brother, Jake Maxwell. Jake asks Annalise to meet him for coffee to ask a favor of her in person. Stunned that Jake Maxwell, her teenage crush would be calling her she agrees.

Jake Maxwell is a pro surfer turned business man but he is still the same Jake Annalise has always known. He walked in with his shaggy hair, and dark eyes wearing a T-shirt and faded jeans.  Annalise felt attracted to him just as much now if not more so.

Annalise was shocked to find out that the favor he wanted to ask of her was for her to help make him more sophisticated to catch the interest of Scarlett. In returned for her help he agreed to pay her a consultant's fee and agree to take on two designs in his store.

A little hesitant at first he agreed to the terms. However, Annalise soon realizes the feelings she had long ago are still there but is determined to keep them in check, help him get the girl and she gets her foot in the door for a promising career. Easy right? Nothing is ever that easy when it comes to love.

I really enjoyed this book! A fun beach read for the summer or to enjoy on a beautiful day under a big shady tree.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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