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Wicked Reads

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Trouble With Christmas By Kaira Rouda

Hey everyone, I hope you all have finished your holiday shopping and are able to enjoy a good read! If you have not there is still time. Afterwards, when you are done you can treat yourself to some down time with an enjoyable read! 
The book I have to share with you today has the feel of a good television Christmas show.

The Trouble with Christmas by Kaira Rouda

Lily is a thirty year old pastry chef who has had her heart broken. She dated Bob for five years and had gotten engaged. She thought she had met the "one." Of course, they had plans for the future, as any engaged couple would. Until, to her surprise he had broken it off.

Lily  and Bob had been invited to go to Indigo Island to spend the holiday with her best friend Avery Putnam, and Avery's family.

After, Avery had learned what had happened she insisted that Lily still go to Indigo Island as planned to clear her head, a fresh start for the new year.

While on the island  she stumbles upon a heart stopping attractive man, named Cole Stanton.

Cole Stanton aged thirty five was an investment banker but after a deal went bad he came face to face with the reality of how his career path was hurting people. So, being riddled with guilt he decided to move to Indigo Island for a fresh start and became the co owner of a local restaurant.

Yet, Cole's good intentions went sour and Lily is happy to get back in her element and help out.

The two both came to the island for a new beginning. However, the trouble with Christmas is wondering if Christmas magic is at hand or is it possible for something sweet to come out of sour circumstances with the right ingredients.

I LOVED this book! This is the perfect read if you like the feel of holiday television programs. I was looking for an enjoyable read that had that same Christmassey feel and found it with this book!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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