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Wicked Reads

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Delights By Heather Hiestand

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have not shared anything new in the past few days. I had a personal family matter that held my attention for a little while. Without further delay lets jump right in!

Christmas Delights by

Allen-Hill became a widow at twenty-one when her husband died of an illness. Her marriage was so brief that her virtue remained intact. 

Now, after the expected period of mourning she was on her way to Pevensey to attend a house party with her nine year old cousin Penelope in tow. Like any young child she loved stories. So, along their way she made up a story that caught more than Penelope's interest.

During their travels they came upon an inventor who was having trouble with one of his inventions, a horseless carriage. Victoria soon found out they were headed to the same place and gave him a ride.

Lewis Noble was an attractive man who did not go unnoticed by women. However, after proposing  to a woman years ago and being rejected
he had a chip on shoulder. Since then he submerged himself in his inventions, never taking notice in women that is until he met Victoria.

While at the party Victoria's father was so relentless about her remarrying that he gave her an ultimatum she could not ignore. However, the only man she wanted had no desire to be married anytime soon.

I liked the book for the most part. I LOVED the setting and the main story. BUT I did not really enjoy the fairytale that was intertwined and being told throughout. In my opinion it weighed the story down.


Best Wishes Always,

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