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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Claimed By Elle Kennedy (Adults Only)

Hey everyone! Now, on to the third review of the evening, a scorching hot, post apocalyptic read!

 Claimed by Elle Kennedy

The world as we know it does not exist.

The Global Council has their own rules.

Freedom as we know it no longer exists.

The ones who cling to the old ways of freedom are known as Outlaws. As Patrick Henry once said in his speech,"Give me liberty or give me death"

The ways of the Outlaw are dangerous. Money is no longer good. Trade/Raiding is the only way to survive.

Conner and his men decide to unwind at a bar. Until, a band of hardcore bandits intrude and they step-in to save the day.

As Conner and his men get ready to leave the bar, a damsel in distress asks for protection.

Hudson is not like any outlaw he has ever met.

He is wary of her and denies her request.

However, his men riddle him with guilt and despite his own judgement he goes back for her.

Who is this woman?

Where did she come from?

Can she be trusted?

And most importantly, is she a liability?

I am not one for dystopian reads these days, but I made an exception for Elle Kennedy! I REALLY enjoyed this toe curling adventure. In many ways if this were to occur in real life, this would be how most would have to survive, by banning together. I look forward to continuing on with this series! Elle Kennedy is a MUST READ author for me!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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