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Wicked Reads

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Christmas To Remember By Jenny Hale

Hey everyone, If you live in the U.S tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Even though, the book I have to share with you is Christmas book it is also about being appreciative and thankful for who you have in your life. I wish you all a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving!

A Christmas to Remember by Jenny Hale

Carrie Blake is a thirty-three year old nanny who loves her job with heart and passion. However, being a nanny has made it difficult for her to have what she wants in life, a family of her own.

So, with a heavy heart she has decided to take on one last nanny job before setting on a new course towards her own desires.

Her last nanny job is taking care of the Fletcher twins, Olivia and David.

This nanny job is not like any she has had in the past.

Adam Fletcher is a single  dad who owns a brewery and is a workaholic, leaving little to no time for his children.

Carrie is determined to show him what he is missing and how to reconnect with his children, what she did not expect was him helping her as well.

Life is a balancing act and Christmas is a perfect time for miracles.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It had all the perfect family and Christmas feels! The one thing that did bother me is that Carrie kept repeating herself, other than that it was a wonderful book!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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