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Wicked Reads

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Undertow By Jen Greyson

Hey everyone, I am not sure what part of the world everyone is from. Where I am located it is autumn. I am not ready for the inevitable cold weather that will soon creep up on me. I am like a bear I hibernate. Unlike bears I prefer to curl up with books instead of sleep. Where ever you are located I hope you are comfy with a few books to enjoy. If you love reality television and books I have the perfect book for you. Even if you are like me and do not view reality television you will still enjoy this book!

Undertow by Jen Greyson

Sangria Henlie is an entertainment law intern who has little interest in watching television. During her free time, she would rather be at a car auction.
Her world changes course when her firm takes on reality television client, Mateo Darger.

Mateo  is very busy with the family shipping business and does not put having a relationship on the list of priorities. However, when he realizes the advertising benefits Mateo decides to go along with his uncle's idea of being on the reality show, Undertow.

Mateo and Sangria had met a year previously, at a car auction. Needless to say, Mateo left a lasting impression on Sangria.
So, when the two were face to face again it brought emotions to the surface.

Sangria, being the professional she is, is determined to remain professional. After all, he would soon be sailing out of her life. Right?

Wrong, Mateo wants her to be a contestant on the show. After a few rounds of lets make a deal she reluctantly accepts.

Once out to sea she begins to realizes she may have to be more involved than she expected. 

 All for show or true love?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I myself do not like reality television. I could relate with Sangria while at the same time sympathizing with the other characters perspectives. Whether you like reality television or not you will enjoy this book!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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