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Wicked Reads

Monday, November 3, 2014

Marked By Rebecca Zanetti

Hey everyone, I have the perfect combination of action and love to share with you!

Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

What if you were the one human being non human races wanted to get their hands on? Well, that was the rock in a hard place situation Janie Kayrs was in.

Janie Kayrs was a well trained human with the gift of visions. Her mother a human, her adopted father, a vampire and the only father she had ever known.

For years Janie had visions of peace talks. So, when it came to be her reality she knew she had to attend. However, the fact that no visions had extended past the peace talks made her nervous and afraid but she was determined for the nearly two decade war among the races to end.

The key players in attendance were Dage,the king of the Realm, Vivian Northcutt, the leader of the witches, Kalin, the current leader of the Kurjans, Suri the demon leader and his nephew, Zane.

Zane was a demon, vampire, shifter mix who was known to many as The Ghost.

Zane and Janie were childhood friends since she was five years old. The two had met in dream worlds her entire life. So, you can imagine her shock when he entered the room.

As things were under way the key players voiced their demands. Demands starting boiling when one of Kalin's demands was access to Janie. However, it was no secret that Kalin wanted to mate with Janie.

When Suri was finished making his demands Zane surprisingly stood up and made demands of his own, that there will no Kurjan access to Janie and that although she will have choice over her own destiny she will be his.

Janie becoming his is easier said than done. Janie maybe human but she is a wild card who may need some convincing and tough love if he even has a shot with Janie and a chance to right wrongs.

Only time will tell if there is any hope.

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! The book was action packed from start to finish! It kept me needing to read more! 

(said to be released December 22, 2014)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


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