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Wicked Reads

Friday, January 29, 2016

F*ck Love By Tarryn Fisher

Hey everyone, I can not believe we are almost through the first month of the year! Today, I have a unique standalone to share with you!

F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

Helena Conway is with a man she can see a future with.


One dream alters her reality.

In the dream she is a talented artist who is married with two children.

A blissfully innocent dream right?


Her husband in the dream was her best friend, Della's boyfriend, Kit. 

Helena tries to push the dream out of her head and focus on her own boyfriend, Neil. However, when her boyfriend goes astray the dream creeps back into her mind.

As with most people who end up breaking up, Helena starts questioning herself. She begins feeling lost and needing to find herself.

Her journey of self discovery takes flight in Kit's home town.

Are dreams just dreams?


Do they hold some truth?

I thought this story was unique and I found it to be a quite enjoyable, steady read. However, I really disliked that Helena kept referring to herself as the "Beige Bitch". I also did not like that she seemed to always seek validation from others. After a break up, a person may need to find themselves again but a woman should always establish self confidence before entering into another relationship. A relationship is not about finding value in another persons' eyes. It is about loving each other and uniting together as a team. How can the character expect anyone to value her if she does not know her own self value?


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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