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Wicked Reads

Monday, January 4, 2016

Echo Among Stars By JoAnna S. Morris

Hey everyone, I have my first review of the year to share with you guys!

Echo Among Stars by JoAnna S. Morris

Eden Huntleigh is a sixteen year old girl who lives in a time where freedom is a thing of the past. Every aspect of her life is controlled and her future is determined for her.

One day after school, while waiting to meet up with her best friend to walk to their close but separate housing units, she is startled by an Enforcer who escorts her home before her friend is able to meet her. 

Soon after arriving home her brother, Jude, comes home and hands her an envelope.
Inside the envelope are instructions telling her to be at a location, the time to arrive and to come alone.

However, her protective older brother and her best friend insist on coming with her and soon their lives are turned upside down and changed forever.

Although, I found this book to be predictable I REALLY enjoyed it. The book was short but very fast paced. I loved how the author gave plenty of detail, but did not give so much detail to the point it would have weighed the story down. I love the loyalty that most of the characters share and the friends becoming family aspect of it. I myself have friends I consider family. I look forward to reading the next book!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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