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Wicked Reads

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Deal By Elle Kennedy

Hey everyone, I have a sports romance to share with you!

The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Hannah Wells is an intelligent hardworking college student. She received an A on an assignment that almost everyone in the class failed. While she is successful in many things, relationships are not her forte.

Garrett Graham is the big shot hockey player on campus but, if he can't bring scores in the classroom, his GPA will tank, and so will his shot at his dream.

He notices Hannah's grade and asks her to tutor him. To his shock, she refuses.


He does not give up easily.

He relentlessly keeps asking for her help.


He finds out that her Achilles heel is a guy she has interest in but, her crush does not have interest in her.

Garrett makes a deal Hannah can not refuse.

The Deal may end up being more than either one of them bargained for.

I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I loved the writing, the banter between the characters and the heart to heart moments. This book was extremely fast paced and had me rooting for the bad boy. I will be reading the sequel, The Mistake!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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