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Wicked Reads

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Score By Elle Kennedy

Hey everyone I am back to share the third installment of the Off-campus series with you! There is no need to read these books in order as each one is about a different couple, but I highly recommend in doing so. (I reviewed the first one, The Deal on January 09, 2016 and The sequel The Mistake on January 12, 2016)

The Score by Elle Kennedy

Allie Hayes is determined to finally end things once and for all with her on/off again boyfriend, Sean, of four years.

To avoid giving into his persuasive ways she decides to stay over at her best friend, Hannah's boyfriends', place for the weekend.

The only problem is that Hannah & Garrett are having a couples weekend getaway with Grace and Logan. Their other teammate, Tucker, has plans of his own. Which leaves Allie alone with the player of all players, Dean Di-Laurentis.

Dean is a rich, man slut, who is used to getting what his heart desires and who is not shy about his sexcapades. He is very upfront with his conquests before the fun times begin. His friends tried to give him a heads up about the last minute house guest. However, since he was already entertaining for the evening, he did not expect anyone. Until there was a knock at the door.

Reluctantly, after sending the girls of the evening on their way, he was left to entertain Allie cat.

Despite his friends warnings, via text messaging, the two hook up after downing Tequila.

While Dean is all about the casual hook up, Allie is a relationship only type of girl. So, while other girls would be proud to hook up with the hockey hunk, she feels ashamed. 

She wants to keep their hook-up a secret and he wants another go around.

Is Allie the one girl who refuses to give into the mutual attraction?


Can Allie Cat finally tame the feral sex beast, who is Dean Di-Laurentis?

I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK! This book was very fast paced, hilarious, heartwarming, full of fun times and a few twists of surprises! While I loved all three books in the series, my favorites are, The Deal and The Score, for their humor and the individual back story of each character. I can not wait to continue on with this series, when The Goal is released! (said to be released September 2016.)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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