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Wicked Reads

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children By Ransom Riggs

Hi everyone I know it has been quite a while since I have written a book review I had something unfortunate happen. My time away could not be helped. Yet again, I decided to pick up a book I normally would not read. I guess 2014 is my year to try new things!

 Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is about a teenage boy named Jacob.  Growing up he heard tales told by his grandfather. Everyone thinks they are stories but Jacob's grandfather insists they are real. When an event involving his grandfather takes place  Jacob comes across something that questions whether what he has been told are stories or truth. So, he sets out on an adventure for answers, what he finds is more than he imagined.

I personally enjoyed this book. It started out slower than I would have liked but quickly picked up and took off running.

If you read this book and enjoy it the sequel is titled Hollow City.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman 

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