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Wicked Reads

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No Time Like Forever By Zoe York

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I have been enjoying the lovely autumn weather and of course, reading! I have a wonderful love story to share with you!

No Time Like Forever by Zoe York

Mari Beadie was a bartender at the one and only local pub but her passion was music. She loved being able to write lyrics between the lunch and dinner rush with the nights usually ending at a decent time. That is until, retired hockey player Chase Miller came back to town and became a regular.

As long as he was around she found it difficult to write, it annoyed her that his celebrity status attracted fans not customers.

Chase Miller retired from the sport after an auto accident, leaving him in a funk. So, he would go to the pub frequently to have a drink and some lunch.

One day while returning inside from taking a phone call Chase overheard the conversation between Mari and her persistent ex boyfriend, Joel. 

Joel, would not accept the fact that they were never going to get back together. 

Chase stepped in playing the part of her "boyfriend" making it believable with a kiss. After the  sparks flying kiss they shared neither one could stop thinking about it.

Meanwhile. back home Chase had a monkey of his own on his back.

His well meaning mother had been trying to encourage him to date again. So, to get her off his back he told her that he has a girlfriend.
He just had to convince Mari to play along. 

The question is, how much of the act is just for show?

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! The way Chase was with Mari made my heart melt. This book was very touching! I WILL be reading more from Ms. York in the future!

This book was released October 21, 2014. If you love contemporary romance READ THIS BOOK!!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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