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Wicked Reads

Monday, February 23, 2015

Conceit By Alana Albertson

Hey everyone, today I have a little something different to share with you! I normally do not read serials but this particular one peeked my interest. So, I thought I would give a general review. I will try my hardest to avoid spoilers.

Conceit by Alana Albertson

Joaquín is a Navy Seal who is in jail for a crime he did not commit.

After attending a party Joaquín wakes up laying next to a dead stripper. He admits he slept with her but insists he did not kill her.

Joaquín's little sister Mia is on a mission of her own, to prove her brother is innocent. Even if, she has to become someone else to do it.

The most difficult challenge will be fooling her ex boyfriend. 

I normally do not read serials due to length, However, I LOVED this storyline and it held my interest. I find myself NEEDING to find out what happens next. I will have to wait until sometime in March for the second installment, Chronic to be released. (according to Goodreads)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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