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Wicked Reads

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Club By Lauren Rowe ( ADULTS ONLY)

Good Afternoon Everyone! Today I have a masterpiece of a book to share with you!

The Club by Lauren Rowe

Jonas Faraday is an arrogant successful business man who loves pleasing women like they have never experienced before but when playtime has ended he is done. However, the women always want more than he is willing to give them.

So, when his twin brother tells him that an exclusive club will fulfill his every desire Jonas decides to fill out an application. At the end of the application he adds a direct message for the person going over his application.

Sarah Cruz is the anonymous intake agent who is assigned to review and process his application. When she receives his application she is shocked by her reaction to his direct message.

Sarah is a play by the rules kind of person but after undeniably being turned on in a way she never thought possible she decides to risk her job and respond to Jonas.

After receiving her message he becomes obsessed with finding out who she is and tracking her down.

Can they find the keys to unlock each other and become one?

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! This book has let me unleash the freak and show you what you need moments with the perfect combination of melt your heart moments. This author has found the perfect balance.

This book is book one of a trilogy. I am so glad I already have the other two!

The Reclamation

The Redemption


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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