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Wicked Reads

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Waiting For April By Jaime Loren

Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Today, I have a story about love and fate to share with you!

Waiting for April by Jaime Loren

April Fletcher has died nineteen times and has been reborn. She has no idea that she has never lived past her eighteenth birthday. As far as April knows, She is just a normal seventeen year old with a best friend and a boyfriend.

Scott Parker, knows differently. He and April are not only joined as soul mates but are entangled in a curse. He will do anything to protect her. Even if it means acting as if they have only been best friends for two years and seeing her have a relationship with a man that is not him.

Rowan has been April's overprotective boyfriend for two years.

A planned trip turns April's world upside down. Everything she thought was true were illusions to try to keep her alive.

Time is not on their side.

It is said that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Is knowledge enough power to save her?

I found this book to be very interesting. A unique spin on star crossed lovers.

(said to be released February 12, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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