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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stupid Boy By Cindy Miles

Hey everyone, the book I am going to share with you today is the sequel to Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles ( I reviewed Stupid Girl on June 29, 2014) You do not necessarily need to read Stupid Girl before reading the second book, Stupid Boy. However, there are small mentions in the second book that would be better understood if you read Stupid Girl first, as intended.

Stupid Boy by Cindy Miles

Harper was found in a dark kitchen cabinet where she had hid for a long time. Until, she was found by a police officer. He had told her everything would be okay, now. He could not have known what she would have to endure.

The only living relative she had was a grandmother. Now, when most of us think of a grandmother we think of a sweet, caring older woman with stories of fond memories to share.


Harper's grandmother was cold, cruel, and controlling. Instead of embracing Harper with love, understanding and emotional support. Corinne Belle, insisted that the past remain in the past never to be spoken again with anyone. Including, her last name. That was far from the worst of it, Corinne Belle taught her to fear her, the dark and degraded her all at once.

When Harper became an adult she still lived in fear but put on a believable act for all of Winston University. Until, She met Kane McCarthy.

Kane McCarthy a bad boy with a dark past and an illegal skill, has secrets of his own.

Can a bad boy be reformed?


Will Harper ever be able to reclaim her identity and live life without fear?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! However, this book tore at my heart. As a mother, I was thinking Oh. My. God. How could family act that way towards children? I am not naive, I know horrid things happen to children every day, sadly. I just do not understand such people. What I loved about the book was  that even though Kane has a dark past of his own he remains the strong and caring person he always has been. Also, even though both main characters had been through their own ordeal they did not have hate towards the world.

(said to be released February 17, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman 

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