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Friday, February 27, 2015

Tryst By Alex Rosa

Hey everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and warm. I woke up to snow this morning which is a rare sighting as I am in Texas and most winters we get nasty ice sludge. I am starting to get cabin fever but this weather is providing nice hibernating under the covers with a blanket and the occasional cup of hot cocoa moments. So, without further delay lets get to it!

Tryst by Alex Rosa

After leaving her abusive ex boyfriend Skyler decides to leave the past behind her. She  moves in with her brother Josh, his roommate and best friend Blake.

His only rule is not to get involved with Blake.

Blake is a model who is trying to branch out into the acting world. Talent aside, he has no shame about having a lot of one night sexcapades.

Skyler is pre-med and has no desire to be in a relationship.

When she meets Blake she sees first hand what a playboy he is. However, her attraction to him is undeniably nerve racking.

What is the harm in a little playful banter among friends?

One night when the two are alone, Skyler's ex boyfriend Jason, knocks on the door. Desperate to get rid of him she steps outside. Jason tries to put on the charm and weasel his way back into her good graces. When he fails to do so he strikes fear into her. When she stepped back she fell into Blake's arms and he tells her to go inside.

Once he learned of her ex she thought he would see her differently.


she is the one who starts to see another side to the arrogant man candy.

The night of her birthday party the two decide to break the one rule her brother gave her. After all, what is the harm in a secret among friends?

Until emotions run high, games are played and life forces you to gamble.

I LOVED this book! The storyline was intriguing and fun. Some moments were predictable but even the predictable moments had twists. I would love to read more work from this author in the future.

(said to be released March 17, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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