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Wicked Reads

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Burnout By Shauna Allen

Hey everyone, I am back again with another charming read!

Burnout by Shauna Allen 

Delilah Jackson was the oldest daughter to the town's Sheriff and a County Judge. On the outside everything about her screamed perfection, but what they did not know is that she hated the mold her parents pressured her into.

Looking for a little release from the pressure of her parents expectations she forged her mothers signature and dropped all but one of her AP classes.

After class her father sent her a text to come home immediately after school. The next thing she knew she had damaged a '69 Chevy Camero that happened to belong to Blake Travers.

Blake Travers had a bad rep thanks to his drunken asshole of a father and his felon of a brother. 

Delilah offered to pay for the damage, but Blake refused.

Blake was too prideful. He had earned the money for his car and every repair it needed by working at the Super Lube.

Since he would not accept her money she was determined to help fix what she broke.

Will a ray of sunshine peek through the clouds of darkness for these two or will they have to wait until graduation, to shine?

I enjoyed this quick read. While it was predictable, it was a sweet feel good book. Kind of like a chocolate bar on a long day.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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