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Wicked Reads

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sacred Medicine (Book Two) By Adlynn Flaharty

Hey everyone, I have returned to share book two of Sacred Medicine by Adlynn Flaharty. if you have not read part one please do so before reading the continuation.

Sacred Medicine (Book Two) by Adlynn Flaharty

Three years since losing her husband Brian, in a tragic car accident. Cassie had just begun to try to move forward with Jed.

The two had become entangled pretty quickly.

However, Jed is acting secretive and distant. After time goes by with no word, she begins to worry and files a missing persons report.

At the end of book one, he calls her from an anonymous number. He apologizes for disappearing, assures her he's okay, and that he is in hiding from some dangerous people.

At the beginning of book two, Cassie is trying to come to terms with what Jed reviled to her.

One day, after returning to her office, after lunch, she notices an envelope with no return address sitting on her desk. Inside was a note from Jed, stating he needs to speak with her and a suggested meeting place.

He needed to talk and she needed answers.

Against the advice of others she could not stay away.

Things go from complicated to twisted.

Everyone has their secrets but, his may be too costly.

I really enjoyed this continuation. The book was a steady read that leaves you needing more.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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