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Wicked Reads

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Crank By Shauna Allen

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday. Earlier this month on the 6th I posted my review of Burnout by Shauna Allen, a prequel to the book I will be sharing with you today. If you have not read Burnout yet I highly recommend in doing so. The book I will be sharing with you today is connected to Burnout. So, some spoilers cannot be avoided.

Crank by Shauna Allen

At the end of Burnout Blake and Delilah were to be married.

Every marriage has its ups and downs. 

Blake has his own auto shop, Jack' Em Up. Delilah is a massage therapist. Unfortunately, that is where the ups end and the downward spiral begins.

After three miscarriages the grief of the loss of their children has overtaken the couple. Blake kept busy at the shop and tried numbing himself with alcohol.

The one day Delilah decides to surprise her husband at the shop, she is the one who gets a surprise of her own. She finds Blake with another woman in a questionable setting.

Everyone reaches a point where they cannot handle anymore. For Delilah, that was her breaking point and she filed for divorce.

Upon being served, he was shocked. Reality slapped him in the face and he became determined to not only turn things around but, for them to find their way back to each other again.

They both still love each other but, has loss changed them so much that they lose each other?

I enjoyed this book! The story was well developed, heartbreakingly realistic and I loved the characters!


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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