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Wicked Reads

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dirty By Kylie Scott (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I have a hilarious and fun read to share with you!

Dirty by Kylie Scott.

Lydia Green was all set to marry and begin a future with the love of her life.


She received an anonymous video on her phone, exposing the groom's secret, his true love.

After viewing the video, she was quick to flee the scene. She hopped over a fence, ruined her wedding dress, snuck inside what she thought to be an empty house, through the bathroom window, and was discovered in the shower by the home owner.

Vaughan Hewson is a talented tattooed musician who has returned to his childhood home, after having a bit of bad luck of his own.

Can these two polar opposite strangers, who met under very unusual circumstances, become each others saving grace?


Are they just meant to share a moment before moving on?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I loved the characters. The humor was laugh out loud funny. The book was fast paced and as a reviewer I pride myself on giving authors and readers a like, my honest opinion. With that being said, usually when I love a book I give it five stars! However, given the few issues I had with this book, I am going to have to give it four stars. In order to avoid spoilers, I can not go into details regarding these issues but, I can say it has nothing to do with the steamy, romance scenes. Despite the few issues, Kylie Scott is still a favorite author of mine.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman



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