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Wicked Reads

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kill Me Softly By Sarah Cross

Hey everyone, I have an awesome fairy-tale retelling to share with you!

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Mirabelle has been raised by her two, overprotective, godmothers since she was an infant. 

Mira knows very little about her past. Only the few facts that her godmother's have been willing to tell her. 

She knows that her parents died in a fire and that she is from a town called, Beau Rivage, and they refuse to allow her to visit, despite her annual request.

A week shy of her 16th birthday, Mira decides to sneak out at night and travel to Beau Rivage in search of her parents grave site.

However, during her quest to find her parents, she learns that her birthplace is not what it seems and normalcy is a thing of the past.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It is uniquely written and I loved the characters! However, the story did not hook me in right away, but once Felix was introduced, I was turning page after page. I will be reading Tear You Apart!


Best Wishes Always, 

Wicked Woman

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