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Wicked Reads

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Too Late By Colleen Hoover (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, the book I will be telling you about today has very adult themes and that may be sensitive triggers for some people. 

Too Late by Colleen Hoover

Sloan comes from an unstable home life.

She comes across Asa Jackson who has a dark past of his own. From the beginning he charms her and the two date while attending college.

Years later, Asa Jackson is not the man she fell for.

She tried to leave once but she has nowhere to turn to.


When it comes to making choices, she also has her brother to consider.

Her brother has health issues that require him to be in an in-care facility.

When Sloan found out her brother lost his government care funding, Asa swept in to save the day.

Now, she is forced to move back in with Asa. Things are worse than before. People are in and out of the house, like a revolving door in a hotel. There are parties happening every night and Asa is the go to drug dealer.

Despite all the craziness going on in her life she still manages to go to class, where she meets Carter.

 When she returns home and is in the middle of cleaning, she sees Carter walk in the house with Asa. She is informed that Carter is the new guy of the group.

Carter does not seem anything like Asa. He is funny, caring, and sweet.

Is it all an act?

Why is he involved in Asa's drug ring?

This book deals with tragic pasts, as well as an abusive and controlling relationship. The story itself  is very gripping! I could not put this book down. My heart ached for Sloan and her bother and I loved Carter's character.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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