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Wicked Reads

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handpicked By Dani Oden

Hey everyone I have a college suspense read to share with you today.

Handpicked by Dani Oden

Jill Holloway was not too enthused about the idea of joining a sorority. However, her best friend Lindy was to be third generation Greek and had talked Jill into rushing.

Jill was not too impressed with the previous preference events she attended but the last one, Iota Beta won her over. Upon leaving the Iota Beta house she notices guys lined up on the sidewalk the one frat guy who catches her eye took notice of her too and he handed her a rose.

 Soon after, Jill was ecstatic to find out she had been accepted by Iota Beta. Lindy who was also accepted by Iota Beta did not share her friends enthusiasm.

Soon the two best friends stumble upon a fellow sister named Hannah and become fast friends.

Things quickly go from fun and dressy to unknown and mysterious. The sorority sisters gathered into a limo and were taken to a winery where a trick was played before the party officially kicked off.

While partying one of the girls had an accident and was taken away. She was never seen again after that night.

As things start to unravel the three quickly suspect that the sorority may be hiding more than just the average sorority secrets.

I liked how this story was suspenseful and kept me wanting to find out the truth right along with them.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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