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Wicked Reads

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Roulette By Megan Mulry

Hey everyone, I hope you all are are dong well. I have a uniquely intense read to share today.

Roulette by Megan Mulry

Miki Durand is a half Russian half French woman who is a professor at USC. She has everything a mature adult woman could want: a cardiologist boyfriend, a great job, a house, friends, and parents.
Miki is determined to have a stable and reliable future. Her plan does not include taking over her fathers company, Voyanovski's Industries.

She and her boyfriend Landon enjoy a farewell dinner before Miki leaves to go to Russia for two weeks, to see her father. Over dinner the two agree to move in together upon her return.

When she arrives in St. Petersburg,  her uncle Alexei informs her that her father is in the hospital with pneumonia. She is taken to the hospital to see her father. Her visit with him is brief as he soon falls to sleep.

When Alexei and Miki return to the hospital they are shocked to learn her father has passed suddenly in his sleep.

Even though her and her father were never close like a father and daughter should be but they were linked in other ways. 

Miki's father was all business with very little pleasure which left almost no emotional connection. Her mother on the other hand was the exact opposite, care free and adventurous.

Miki uses the two weeks to help out temporarily However, when possible investor   
Jérôme Michel de Villiers comes into her life he takes her breath away and sweeps her off her feet.

 Jérôme Michel de Villiers is a french playboy business man who enjoys the finer things in life.
 Is it possible for Miki to let go and be happy? Will Jérôme ever be a one woman man?

Sometimes you have to lose everything you thought you wanted to figure out who you were meant to be.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I must admit this book took me awhile to get pulled into it but once the story took off I zoomed through it!

(This book is said to be released December 02, 2014)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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