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Wicked Reads

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sanctuary By Eden Bradley

Hey everyone, the book I have to share with you is for ADULTS ONLY.

Sanctuary by Eden Bradley

Devin Delaney let her friend Kimmie talk her into going to Club X on fetish night. Every Friday the wicked and kinky would enter the Ring if they wanted to be shown the S&M treatment.

Devin a graphic designer, who always felt she had to be in control was surprised how seeing the two women being flogged awakened desires in her she never knew she had.

Not only did the act itself excite her but the thought of being flogged by a certain professional Dom named Shaye Vincent brought a rush of need to her as well.

Shaye Vincent an owner of a consulting firm also worked at Club X for fun. His father's haunting words remained in his head, when you need someone you lose control of your life. These words and his past have kept him from being in a relationship.

Devin could not bring herself to give into temptation the first time she was at Club X but after no longer being able to clear her mind of the fantasy images of Shaye having control over her she walked into Club X and entered the Ring.

Upon her entering the Ring it awakened more than just desires between the two of them.

I LOVED this book! In the past I have not been able to read too many books of this nature. Most books of this type just feel forced and do not flow together. However, Ms. Bradley is a rare exception. Her book drew me in at the start and by the end I wanted a sequel! It was the perfect combination of chemistry, kinkiness and sweetness. I will be adding her to my must read author list!
(this book is said to be released December 02, 2014)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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