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Monday, August 24, 2015

Has to Be Love By Jolene Perry (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, today I will be sharing a book about self discovery and acceptance with you!

Has to Be Love by Jolene Perry

Clara lives in a small Alaskan town.

Years ago she and her mother were walking down a path that the two had done so many times before. Except, one night things were not routine. A bear had attacked them. Her mother was killed and Clara had survived with severe facial damage to one side of her face.

Living in a small town, everyone knows everything about everyone. However, that does not stop the rude commentary from time to time.

She has her long time friend/boyfriend Elias, at her side, a loving father and her unrelenting faith on her side.


Having to deal with the stares and questions from outsiders causes her self consciousness to rise even higher.

When she meets Rhodes Kennedy, a substitute student teacher, who has traveled and experienced the world. She starts to question her safe plans and wonders if she can face the world outside of the only place she has ever known.

One thing is certain she must live her life for her and follow her own path.


How will she know if the choice she makes is her own?


If her choice is being influenced by others?

I enjoyed this book! the story was compelling. You can feel the emotions pouring off the page. However, I found Rhodes to be obtrusive. Not only was his character annoying and rude but he should have minded his own business when it came to Clara outside of the classroom. I loved Elias' character, his was selfless and sweet without a hidden agenda.

(said to be released September 01, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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