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Wicked Reads

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Own Me By Lexi Scott (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, I am back to share with you a read about life not always working out the way you want it to but, knowing who you can not be without.

Own Me by Lexi Scott

Genevieve Rodriguez is an intelligent classy young woman but like everyone, she struggles in certain areas of study. No worries, she has her best friend and tutor to help her.

Adam Abramowitz, is an attractive Israelli native who tutors Gen in physics, while trying to successfully get positive results from his experiment for his thesis.

However, his determination caused him to put the renewal of his student Visa on the back burner.

Adam has always had a thing for Gen, but never thought he would ever get out of the Friend Zone.

Until, the two end up in a spur of the moment situation, Gen announces they are engaged and they end up sharing a breathtaking kiss.

After the whole Shock and Awe event and it is just the two of them, Gen proposes that they get married.

He is her best friend and she can not imagine losing him. She also wants to move out of her parents home and prove she has let go of her childhood fantasy of ending up with her brothers' best friend.

Adam dreads the possibility of having to return to Israel and face his parents without anything to show for his accomplishments.

Not to mention having to say goodbye to his best friend that makes him come out of his lab coat and live life.

They agree to be bonded and remain friends.

Their bond will be tested.

Will everything slowly fray and come apart?


Become stronger?

I REALLY enjoyed this book! It is my favorite book by Lexi Scott thus far. Despite how they kept repeating the terms of their situation through out the book. I love how thoughtful they were of each other and their overall chemistry.


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


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