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Wicked Reads

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just One Reason By Brooklyn Skye (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, today I have a book about over coming challenges and self discovery.

Just One Reason by Brooklyn Skye

Melody Sumner was an editorial intern trying to get her foot in the door towards the career she wanted. So, when her boss asked her to tag a long to a convention in Vegas, she could hardly refuse. 

As luck would have it she was staying at the hotel her father was the Senior VP of. While there, her father was determined to convince her to give up the internship in sunny California and move to Vegas to manage the hotel.

While she was struggling to be successful, despite having Dyslexia, she was determined to prove herself to her boss.

While at a piano performance she was not impressed with Declan Waterford, a cocky Irish performer, who ran his mouth without thought.

She was determined to set him in his place and it backfired.

He may have won the battle but not the war.

When he realized he was rude to the big boss mans' daughter he was desperate to rectify the situation.

He could not allow anything to jeopardize his chance of earning the money needed to pay for his brothers surgery.

They had come to an agreement. She would put in a good word for him and he would give her piano lessons.

Melody had researched how playing an instrument could help her overcome her Dyslexia. 

So, when he asked her what he could do for her she could not waste a life changing opportunity. 

An agreement that was more than what either of them bargained for.

I REALLY enjoyed this book! I like how the book mentioned real life struggles. However, while I was satisfied with the ending, I feel like the timeline could have skipped ahead more than five weeks.

(said to be released August 18, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman

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