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Wicked Reads

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Unexpectedly His By Maggie Kelley (Adults Only)

Hey everyone, who says good times can not be found in the pages of a book? That is exactly how this book started!

Unexpectedly His by Maggie Kelley

After being cheated on by her ex-fiance, good girl Marianne McBride was determined to find her inner wild side and gradually let the freak out of it's cage.

What better way to make an entrance than to pop out of your crushes birthday cake, who just happens to be your best friends brother and the boss?

Every thing went as planned. Except, when she decided to give him a gift of her own, a searing kiss.

She did not wait around to get caught up in the aftermath of her impulsive action. She left in such a rush that someone might wonder if she was ever there.

The night after, the birthday boy Nick Wright, could not get Cake Girl out of his head. Too bad she had a mask covering her face and had no clue who she was.

That KISS however, was unforgettable and for Nick that spoke volumes.

Nick Wright was a knock your socks off, no commitment type guy. 


Being hot with the ladies may burn his chances of making partner at work.


He can convince everyone at the office he is engaged to the love of his life

Thankfully, his matchmaking sister has his back and knows the perfect faux fiancée.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! At first, I thought the whole popping out of the cake was a bit much. However, this book kept me entertained from start to finish and the author made everything snap into place!

(said to be released August 18, 2015)


Best Wishes Always,

Wicked Woman


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